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Full report: fewer learner drivers in Midlands

ITV News has learned that the number of driving tests being taken in the Midlands has dropped significantly in the last year.

The region saw more than twenty three thousand fewer tests taken in the year up to March twenty thirteen compared with the year before.

Pass rates remained the same for both years at around forty seven percent. The cost for learning to drive is now thought to be more than two thousand seven hundred pounds.

Joe Lobo spent the day at a school for young drivers - watch his full report.

Mum buys 12-year-old driving lessons

A mother has told ITV News Central she is spending money on private tuition to teach her 12 year-old son to drive now, as she's certain costs will rise by the time he's 18.

Janie Alalwi bought her son driving lessons for his twelfth birthday. He is learning to drive at a school in Birmingham for 11-17year-olds.

The numbers of people taking driving tests in the Midlands have fallen by more than 23,000 in the year to March 2013. Experts say rising costs of running cars are to blame.

Instructors blame insurers for drop in learner drivers

A driving test centre in Birmingham is blaming the rising costs of driving for a decrease in the number of people taking their driving tests.

The West Midlands has seen a huge reduction in the number of tests being taken. More than 16500 fewer tests were taken in the year to March 2013, a drop of more than twelve percent.

Richard Smith is from Young Driver who train 11-17 year-olds how to drive.


Learning to drive: The costs

The number of people learning has fallen in the Midlands by up to 10% in one year. Cost is one of the growing concerns among young motorists. Latest figures show it costs in the region of £2700 to become a driver.

  • Provisional licence: £50
  • Driving lessons: £1,128
  • Private practice: £1,422
  • Theory test: £31
  • Practical test: £75

TOTAL: £2706.00

Figures obtained from Uswitch and Money Supermarket

Fewer driving tests being taken in Midlands

Learner driver numbers are down in the Midlands Credit: David Jones/PA

Research obtained by ITV News Central has found that the number of driving tests being taken in the Midlands is down on last year.

In the East Midlands 6531 fewer tests were taken in the year up to March 2013.

In the West Midlands 17,272 fewer tests were taken.

One of the main reasons for the decrease is thought to be the increasing costs of driving.

Pro-driver gives our reporter tips on slippy road conditions

The advanced driver training sessions held for young drivers by the National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs hopes to reduce the number of serious accidents in the countryside.

The course was held at the Prodrive race circuit in Warwickshire and was run by firm Drive Doctors.

The lessons today were to teach young drivers how to handle their cars through skids and to understand how ABS brake systems work.

Instructor Mark Johnson also took ITV News Central reporter Chris Halpin out for a test drive.

Click above to see what happened.

Organiser of rural road safety event: 'you are not invincible'

The organiser of an advanced driver training course for young farmers across the Midlands has warned others not to think they're 'invincible'.

Milly Wastie, 28, the chair of the National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs, says she organised the driving sessions at the Prodrive track in Warwickshire because she lost a friend in a rural car accident when she was 17.

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