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Organiser of rural road safety event: 'you are not invincible'

The organiser of an advanced driver training course for young farmers across the Midlands has warned others not to think they're 'invincible'.

Milly Wastie, 28, the chair of the National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs, says she organised the driving sessions at the Prodrive track in Warwickshire because she lost a friend in a rural car accident when she was 17.

Young drivers describe their day on the test track

Those taking part in today's driving course for young drivers from the countryside have described how it will help them in the future.

Amy Purvin, 18, from North Herefordshire has been brought up in the farming community for most of her life. She says practising skidding will help her in poor driving conditions in the future.

Anna-May Furness, 18, lives on a farm near Kidderminster. She says a number of her friends have been involved in road accidents.


Frequency of rural young driver accidents across the Central region

The figures analysed by the National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs show an alarming rate of accidents in young drivers in the countryside.

Here are how many serious crashes happen per number of young rural drivers in each county across the Central region.

  • 1) Lincolnshire - 1 crash for every 78 drivers
  • 2) Hereford - 1 crash for every 92 drivers
  • 3) Warwickshire - 1 crash for every 93 drivers
  • 4) Derbyshire - 1 crash for every 102 drivers
  • 5) Worcestershire - 1 crash for every 104 drivers
  • 6) Nottinghamshire - 1 crash for every 105 drivers
  • 7) Staffordshire 1 crash for every 106 drivers
  • 8) Central & North Gloucestershire - 1 crash for every 110 drivers
  • 9) West Midlands - 1 crash for every 114 drivers
  • 10) Shropshire - 1 crash for every 124 drivers
  • 11) Leicestershire - 1 crash for every 126 drivers
  • 12) Northamptonshire - 1 crash for every 126 drivers
  • 13) Rutland - 1 crash for every 160 drivers
  1. Chris Halpin

Young rural drivers twice as likely to have serious crash- full report

Young drivers in the Midlands' countryside are twice as likely to have a serious road accident than those living in cities.

A study by the National Federation of Young Farmers found Lincolnshire to be the third worst place for accidents.

Today motorists from across the region got advanced training to help them prepare for dangerous conditions. Chris Halpin reports.

Pro racing drivers helping young people in rural areas

Experts say young drivers have to deal with more challenges on the roads Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Archive/Press Association Images

A new road safety driving course for young people who live in rural areas is being launched in the Midlands today.

It comes as new figures show young rural drivers are twice as likely to be involved in a collision than young urban drivers.

The National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs and NFU Mutual are working with professional racing drivers to teach young farmers how to control their vehicle if they skid on ice, snow or mud.

The first course is in Kenilworth at the Prodrive Centre today.


  1. Chris Halpin

Children at risk from poorly fitted car seats - full report

There's alarming evidence about how safe children are in our cars.

A spot check by safety experts in the East Midlands found that more than a third of child seats weren't fitted properly or were incorrect.

Safety teams found the worrying evidence today while they worked on a campaign in Leicestershire to cut down on children being killed or seriously hurt. Chris Halpin reports.

Child car seat clinics this week in Leicestershire & Rutland

A series of child car seat clinics are being held across Leicestershire and Rutland this week to highlight the dangers of improperly fitted seats.

It's after previous sessions in the county found up to half of all vehicles spot checked had problems.

Today around 50 motorists were given free advice at Beaumont Leys Shopping centre, with three more events planned this week on:

  • Tuesday 4th June, Asda Barkby Thorpe Lane, Thurmaston 10am-4pm
  • Wednesday 5th June, Tesco, South Street Oakham, 9:30am-12:00
  • Wednesday 5th June, Brooke Priory School, Oakham, 2.30pm-3.30pm
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