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Porkers pig-out on pancakes at Dudley Zoo

The pigs enjoy their pancakes Credit: Dudley Zoo

Seven porkers had a pancake pig-out today as staff at Dudley Zoo included their micro-pigs in Shrove Tuesday celebrations.

Little Ernie, Hamm, Chuck, Brian and Wilbur and their mum Poppy and dad Harley seemed to approve of the seasonal puddings.

The pigs enjoy their pancakes Credit: Dudley Zoo


PICTURES: Three cute lynx cubs born at Dudley Zoo

Carpathian lynx triplets have been born at Dudley Zoological Gardens Credit: Dudley Zoo

Three Carpathian lynx cubs have been born at Dudley Zoological Gardens.

The triplets, who were born on May 23, have been cosying up in the internal dens with four-year-old mum, Daisy.

This week they've finally been able to explore outside.

Mum protects her young cub Credit: Dudley Zoo

Rare penguin called Pingu turns 23 at Dudley Zoo

Pingu, with keeper Kriss Pearson Credit: Dudley Zoological Gardens

Dudley Zoological Gardens' oldest rare penguin has turned 23 today, and celebrated by getting the first pick of the fish.

Pingu is a Humboldt penguin, which are classed as Vulnerable on the IUCN red data list. They originate along the South American coastline in areas reached by the Humboldt current. The penguins are named after German scientist, Alexander Von Humboldt, who explored the region in the late 1700s.

Celebrations for Pingu's birthday will continue tomorrow too, as it is World Penguin Day, which coincides with the annual northern migration of penguins.

His keeper, Kriss Pearson said:

Pingu is a very special penguin to us as he was one of just five hand-reareds who started our colony back in 1991. It’s because of him that we now have 67 parent-reared penguins in the bay, which is one of the largest colonies of Humboldt penguins in the UK.

Bride-to-be tells of delight at giraffe-themed proposal

A newly-betrothed bride-to-be has spoken of her surprise and delight when what she thought was a normal trip to Dudley Zoo turned into a proposal themed around her favourite animal.

Katherine Spooner went with childhood sweetheart Dean Wood, from Walsall, to celebrate his 24th birthday, and was thrilled when they were chosen to go up on stage to feed the rare Rothschild giraffes.

Dean dropped to one knee as Katherine fed her favourite animal Credit: Dudley Zoo

Little did she know it had all been carefully planned by her besotted boyfriend to set the scene for the ultimate romantic gesture.

Katherine, who is also 24, said she was taken totally by surprise.

I didn’t expect a proposal at all. I had no idea any of this was happening, I just thought we were having a day at the zoo with Dean’s parents, as it was his birthday.

I love giraffes and didn’t think I’d ever get the chance to feed them, so that was a huge surprise in itself.

It is the closest I’ve ever been to them and I couldn’t believe how strong they are.

Then I turned around and Dean was on his knee with a ring. I was totally shocked.

Katherine said she was taken totally by surprise Credit: Dudley Zoo
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