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Lincolnshire village still without phone lines

Residents in a Lincolnshire village, who have been without landline connections for a week, have been told by BT they will have to wait another few days before services return.

Phones and internet connections in Eagle, west of Lincoln, have been affected by stolen underground cable.

Natasha Woods who owns the village store and Post Office says many people and business owners have been angry and frustrated by the situation.

Post Office owner, Natasha Woods Credit: ITV


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Video: Hundreds without phones or internet could be waiting 'several more days'

Hundreds of residents in Lincolnshire, who've been without phone or internet access for a week, have been told it could be several more days before they're switched back on.

BT, who are replacing stolen underground cabling in the village of Eagle, say around 200 properties have reported faults since last Tuesday. Businesses say the situation has been a nightmare - leaving them without email, and unable to contact customers.