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Birmingham Airport now operating 'as normal'

Birmingham Airport is now "operating as normal" following disruption earlier caused the the air traffic restrictions over London.

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Passengers warned to expect more flight delays today

Air traffic control company NATS warned passenger that it will take some time for flight scheduling to fully recover despite their computer systems having been restored.

Following a technical failure at Swanwick, the system has been restored.

However, it will take time for operations across the UK to recover so passengers should contact their airline for the status of their flight.

We apologise for any delays and the inconvenience this may have caused.

Further information will be released as it becomes available.



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'Ripple effect' delays some East Midlands flights

The "ripple effect" of the restrictions on London airspace have meant some delays at East Midlands airport, a spokesperson has told ITV News.

We've had a marginal delay to some of the outbound and inbound flights. Two outbounds and three inbounds have been delayed. The flights that have been delayed, one of them's been called to board, so things are moving, but it's a little bit slower. The impact of the London area has a ripple effect on the country.

– East Midlands Airport spokesperson
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Some flights from Birmingham 'may be delayed'

Flights out of Birmingham Airport may be delayed due to the restrictions on London airspace, a spokesperson has told ITV News.

Flights going north out of Birmingham should not be affected, but some heading south may be rerouted, causing some delays.

The advice is to check on our website, aircraft might take off a bit delayed because of the aircraft having to reroute. Passengers should check on the website and with their airline, it's on a flight by flight basis.

– Birmingham Airport spokesperson

The spokesperson added that Birmingham have not taken any diverted flights from London but "if we're asked we'll take them".

Flight disruption at Birmingham and East Midlands Airport

There is disruption to some flights to and from Birmingham and East Midlands Airport due to a technical problem at the Swanwick Air Traffic Control centre.

Passengers are being advised to contact their airlines.

Flights are being disrupted across the country Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

UK Airspace is being affected by the power outage at the Swanwick control centre which is causing delays and disruption to flights country-wide.

London airspace closure not yet affecting Birmingham and East Midlands Airport

Birmingham and East Midlands Airport say they have not yet been requested to take in diverted flights from London following airspace closure across the capital.

All London airspace has been closed until 7pm as a result of a computer failure, European flight safety body Eurocontrol said.

Flights to and from the UK are expected to be severely delayed this evening, as a result.


East Midlands Airport re-opens after reports of plane fire

The runway at East Midlands Airport has reopened after a temporary closure this evening.

East Midlands Airport's runway was temporarily closed this evening Credit: Rui Vieira /PA Archive/Press Association Images originally reported that the runway closed due to a plane landing with a technical fault, but the air traffic monitoring website tweeted in the last few moments saying traffic was stopped because a plane caught fire.

All flights that were kept in a holding pattern are now being brought in to land.

Monarch Airlines to end flights from East Midlands Airport

The staff based at East Midlands Airport will be relocated Credit: Oliver Berg/DPA/Press Association Images

Monarch Airlines is ending all flights from East Midlands Airport in April next year.

The carrier currently offers more than 30 flights a week to nine destinations across Europe from East Midlands.

The airline says staff based at the airport will be relocated to Birmingham and Luton.

Jet2 confirm emergency over East Midlands airport not triggered by passenger on board

Jet2 confirm East Midlands airport incident not triggered by passenger on board Credit: ITV News Central

Jet2 have confirmed to ITV News Central this morning that the emergency over East Midlands airport was not caused by a passenger on board the plane but by a "minor" mechanical issue.

A team of engineers and mechanics will now be examining the plane over the next few days.

The plane was last night diverted to Manchester airport where passengers disembarked and continued their trip to Heraklion on a different plane.

East Midlands airport were only able to confirm that a plane was held for a while over the airport as a "precautionary measure".

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