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The world's biggest airliner, full report

The world's biggest airliner touched down at East Midlands airport today for the first time.

The Airbus A380 is currently being used to test the new Trent XWB engine, which was designed and manufactured by Rolls Royce in Derby.

Today pupils from Gayton Junior school in Littleover were invited along to have a look around inside. Phil Brewster has the story.

World's largest airliner lands in East Midlands

The plane will later fly over Rolls Royce as a thank-you to workers for their work developing the engine Credit: ITV Central

The world's largest passenger airliner is standing proudly on the runway at East Midlands Airport.

The plane can carry up to 853 passengers, it is so big some airports have had to expand Credit: ITV Central

The plane, which is being used to test the new Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engine, has the capacity to carry up to 853 passengers. Due to its size some airports have had to expand to accommodate it.

When it leaves East Midlands Airport later today, the plane will also fly over the Rolls Royce site in Derby as a 'thank you' to employees.


  1. Phil Brewster

Airbus A380 at East Midlands Airport, in pictures

The Airbus A380 arrives at East Midlands Airport Credit: ITV Central
Rolls-Royce spitfire plane on runway next to Airbus A380. The spitfire is powered by a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine Credit: ITV Central
Schoolchildren being shown the Airbus A380 Credit: ITV Central
This large party of schoolchildren is overshadowed by the Airbus A380 Credit: ITV Central
View of the inside of the Airbus A380. It's currently a shell as the plane is being used to test the Trent XWB engine. Credit: ITV Central