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Ambulance service expects World Cup calls increase

East Midlands Ambulance Service says it is expecting an increase in emergency calls over the weekend as the weather is sunny and as England play their first World Cup match.

The East Midlands Ambulance Service says it is expecting more calls this weekend Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire/Press Association Images

It says it expects calls to increase by up 15%. The service is encouraging people to ring 999 only if someone's life is immediately at risk. It says other medical problems can be dealt with by GPs or via the NHS 111 phone service.


Latest pictures from scene of school chemical spill

Firefighters in special decontamination suits on the scene in Northampton today Credit: ITV News Central

These are the latest pictures from a suspected chemical spill at a school in Northampton this morning. Emergency services were called to Greenfields School and Sports college in Goldings at around 9:30am.

Emergency services evacuated the building after reports of chlorine gas escaping from a swimming pool Credit: ITV News Central

It's thought two chemicals mixed in the plant room of the school's swimming pool and produced chlorine gas.

Around a hundred and fifty people were told to evacuate as a precaution - two adults were taken to hospital for treatment.

People living nearby were advised to keep their doors and windows closed Credit: ITV News Central

School evacuated & 2 in hospital after chemical leak

Two people are in hospital after a school was evacuated in a suspected chemical leak in Northampton.

Emergency crews were called to Greenfields School and Sports College in Goldings earlier today.

Northamptonshire Police are on the scene helping deal with traffic and supporting the fire and ambulance service.

People living nearby have been asked to keep their windows and doors closed.

Two adults are being treated at Northampton General Hospital with mild breathing difficulties.

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Suspected chemical spill at school in Northampton

Crews were called to the Greenfields School and Sports College in Goldings, Northampton Credit: ITV News Central

Emergency services are dealing with a suspected chemical spill at a school for disabled children in Northampton.

Crews were called to Greenfields School and Sports College in Goldings earlier today.

The fire service is dealing with the incident which is thought to have happened around the school's swimming pool.

There are no reports of injuries and the school has been closed for the day.


Ambulance service issue warning ahead of busiest weekend of year

East Midlands Ambulance Service says it is expecting tonight to be one of the busiest of the year.

The last Friday before Christmas, known as Black Friday, sees late night revellers and partygoers out in force.

Ambulance services prepare for busiest weekend of year

Ambulance services across the region are preparing for their busiest weekend of the year. Tonight is known as "black Friday", the last Friday before Christmas, which marks the most popular day for Christmas parties.

Partygoers are expected to be out in force this weekend and the emergency services are warning people to be sensible.

Today marks the most popular day for Christmas parties Credit: ITV News Central

East Midlands Ambulance Service is expecting a 20% rise in call-outs. In 2012, the service received over 1,500 calls on Friday 21 December.

A treatment unit is being set up on Broad Street in Birmingham city centre to treat patients at the scene.

EMAS: Organisation has listened to patients and experts

The women who has been appointed to turn around the performance of East Midlands Ambulance Service says the organisation has listened to patients and experts.

The service has been criticised repeatedly for failing to meet response targets

Earlier today ITV News Central presenter Matt Teale spoke to Sue Noyes, the interim chief executive, who was keen to apologies for past mistakes including the case of a man who died when paramedics lost the keys to an ambulance.

Paramedic praises team set to appear in TV show

One of the paramedics set to star in the opening episode of Channel 4 documentary series 999: What's You Emergency? has said he hopes the show will give people an insight into the hard work that goes into the job.

Glenn Radford, who covers the Nottinghamshire area, said the public expect a lot from paramedics and he believes the programme will illustrate the daily challenges faced by the team.

The Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, where the new series will visit Credit: Emma Coles/PA

"I genuinely hope the series shows people the very varied, strange, emotional and exciting job that my colleagues and I do. I hope they now see the fantastic people who continually do an excellent job in what is often very challenging circumstances," he said.

"It’s very challenging trying to be everything for everyone: social worker, psychologist, cardiologist, GP.

"The public expect so much now but I love helping people and trying to make a difference and every now and again that I get to be part of a team of professionals who save a person’s life."

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