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Jeremy Corbyn vows to fight on as Labour leader

Jeremy Corbyn said he will reshape his shadow cabinet in the next 24 hours. Credit: PA

Jeremy Corbyn has said he will not "betray the trust of those who voted for me" as he vowed to stay on as Labour leader.

Mr Corbyn said he will stand in any fresh leadership election, adding that he will reshape his shadow cabinet over the next 24 hours following a wave of resignations.

He said: "I was elected by hundreds of thousands of Labour Party members and supporters with an overwhelming mandate for a different kind of politics.

"I regret there have been resignations today from my shadow cabinet. But I am not going to betray the trust of those who voted for me – or the millions of supporters across the country who need Labour to represent them.

"Those who want to change Labour’s leadership will have to stand in a democratic election, in which I will be a candidate."


Anna Soubry: 'Sad to see three Notts big hitting MPs' leave shadow cabinet

The MP for Broxtowe, Anna Soubry, has reacted to Labour shadow MPs from Nottinghamshire resign today:


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Tom Watson 'saddened' by Labour resignations

Tom Watson and Jeremy Corbyn speak at a Remain rally in London. Credit: Reuters

Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson has said he is "extremely disappointed" that Hilary Benn has been sacked by Jeremy Corbyn.

He added that he was "equally saddened" by the resignation of eight members of the shadow cabinet on Sunday.

Mr Watson said his focus was to "hold the Labour Party together in very turbulent times", and added that he will meet Jeremy Corbyn on Monday to discuss the "way forward".

I was deeply disappointed to see Hilary Benn sacked in the early hours of this morning and equally saddened that so many talented, able and hard-working colleagues felt they had to leave the shadow cabinet.

My single focus is to hold the Labour party together in very turbulent times. The nation needs an effective opposition, particularly as the current leadership of the country is so lamentable.

It's very clear to me that we are heading for an early general election and the Labour party must be ready to form a Government. There’s much work to do. I will be meeting Jeremy Corbyn tomorrow morning to discuss the way forward.

– Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson
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Vernon Coaker resigns from the shadow cabinet

Vernon Coaker, former Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Credit: Reuters

The shadow secretary of state for Northern Ireland Vernon Coaker has joined seven other members of the shadow cabinet and resigned.

The resignations follow the sacking of shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn overnight.

He has released a statement saying he believes it is "time for the party to unite behind a new leader" and serve as an "effective opposition".

He adds: "I have sought to make it my priority to provide reassurance to the people and political parties of Northern Ireland that Labour remains committed to the principle of consent, as expressed through the Good Friday Agreement and subsequent agreements.

"I know my successor in this role continues this vital work."

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Shadow Northern Ireland secretary considering defecting

Vernon Coaker said cabinet members are considering their options Credit: PA

Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Northern Ireland secretary Vernon Coaker said he is considering joining mass defections from the cabinet.

"All of us are going to have to consider the positions that we hold and the best way forward for our party," he told the BBC's Sunday Politics East Midlands.

Clearly we are all going to have to reflect on what that should be, whether we stay or whether we go. That's a decision I will have to make along with all of my colleagues

– Vernon Coaker

It came as Pat McFadden, who was sacked by Mr Corbyn from the shadow cabinet earlier this year for disloyalty, said the leader was "losing the confidence of those who are working most closely with him".

He expressed fears that a split may leave the party unable to effectively take on the Conservatives if a snap general election is called, in comments to Sky's Murngahan show.

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