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Severn Trent workload increased thanks to blocked sewers

Mike Surrey, from Severn Trent, says the water company has seen 30% more calls recently, than they normally would, due to the wet weather increasing water levels, and becoming trapped in blocked sewers.

He added that the places hit worst by these problems have been Leicestershire and Warwickshire, and their challenge is to reduce the amount of calls being received.


30% more work for Severn Trent due to storms

Severn Trent water have confirmed they have had to undertake 30% more incident than normal recently, thanks to the stormy weather causing flooding across the region.

The company says they are working hard to deal with the extra work, which includes sewer flooding, with more staff in call centres and more teams out and about.

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Flooding in Tewkesbury Credit: ITV News Central

A spokesman for Severn Trent, James Jesic, has given advice to customers who are experiencing flooding:

"If you have flooding at your home, check to see if it is just rainwater or if it is sewage that has come from an overflowing sewer, possibly through a manhole cover in your garden or outside your property."

"If it is just rainwater, the flooding should subside when it stops raining, although it can take up to four hours for water to drain away, so be patient."

"Where sewage is escaping this is obviously a priority for us, so please call us and we will get a team out to help as quickly as possible."

If you are concerned about flooding from drains and gullies in the road, you should call the local council as they are responsible for road drainage, but again, we generally find that the flooding will go away when it stops raining."

"If the flooding is coming from a river or stream, get in touch with the Environment Agency, as they have responsibility here."


River Severn reaches high levels in Tewkesbury

The River Severn has reached high levels in the Gloucestershire town of Tewkesbury. Due to the saturation of the ground in the surrounding areas, river levels are expected to continue to rise.

The River Severn in Tewkesbury is experiencing high water levels. Credit: ITV News
River levels are expected to rise further in the Gloucestershire town. Credit: ITV News
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