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Company spends £10,000 importing bees after huge numbers die

The Food Centre has spent £10,000 importing the bees from the continent

Bees are being brought from Europe to Ludlow Food Centre, to replace the hives that have declined in recent years.

In Ludlow, 102 out of the 150 hives have gone, which is believed to be mainly down to bad weather.

The Food Centre has spent £10,000 importing the bees from the continent.

Judge calls climate protesters 'conscientious'

Speaking at the sentencing of 21 climate change activists who shut down the West Burton Power Station in Nottinghamshire last August, the judge at Nottingham Magistrates Court described the activists as:

"...decent educated men and women, many of whom already volunteered in the community… I take into account the conscientious motives of all of you"

Total of more than 3000 hours community service for climate protesters

Two of the activists after scaling one of the power station's 200ft chimneys Credit: Protesters' footage

Climate change protesters have been sentenced to a total of more than 3000 hours in community service for shutting down a power station in Nottinghamshire last Autumn.

The judge at Nottingham Magistrates Court handed out 16 community service orders. The following 5 people involved were given conditional discharges which means they will not be punished as long as they don't commit any other offences.

Twenty of the protesters were each charged £85 in costs.

The judge also ordered that the 16 climbers who scaled the towers at the West Burton Power Station would not have their climbing equipment returned to them - each set costs up to 800 pounds each.

Protesters outside one of their previous court appearances Credit: PA


Climate change campaigners could face jail

The 'No dash for Gas' defendants protest outside Nottingham Magistrates' Court Credit: ITV Central News

Twenty-one environmental campaigners who shut down EDF's West Burton Power Station in Nottinghamshire for a week last autumn are due to be sentenced.

A number of them have been warned by their lawyer that they face the prospect of being the first climate change campaigners to be jailed in the UK.

Earlier this year EDF tried to sue the activists for £5m, before nationwide media coverage and a huge outcry saw the company back down.

Midlands protesters against badger cull travel to London

The badger culling season begins today Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Coach loads of campaigners from the Midlands are travelling to London today to protest against the proposed culling of badgers.

They will take to the streets of the Capital and present a petition signed by 228,000 people at Downing Street.

Controversial culls begin today in parts of Gloucestershire.

Around 5000 badgers will be killed during trials in two parts of the country to see if humane culling reduces incidents of TB in cattle. If effective, further culls will take place.

Last year, 28,000 infected cattle were slaughtered.

The Farming Minister David Heath says:

"Nobody wants to kill badgers but the scientific evidence and experience of countries tells us that we will not get on top of Bovine TB without addressing infection in wildlife as well as cattle. A badger vaccine has practical difficulties and there is not yet any evidence on its effectiveness".

Anti-cull protesters Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire/Press Association Images

But those against the cull say it will have no obvious effects, it is not based on scientific evidence, and that it does not make economic sense. The claim it is inhumane with badgers likely to suffer before dying or dying slowly from infection or starvation if they are wounded.

They would prefer efforts to be focused on the development of a TB vaccine.

Philip Mansbridge, from animal charity Care for the Wild, says:

"The badger cull has no scientific, economic or animal welfare justification.

"The Government and the NFU are blindly embarking on one of the worst agricultural policies of the past 30 years, which will lead to senseless slaughter, chaos and disruption in the countryside, huge cost to the taxpayer and no meaningful reduction in the spread of bovine TB."

Campaigners wearing masks will join rock star and campaigner Brian May in London today.

Last year, 28,000 cattle were slaughtered because they had Bovine TB Credit: DAN PELED/AAP/Press Association Images
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