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Financial help for farmers who lost sheep due to weather

The Government says up to £250,000 will be made available for farmers across the country

Sheep farmers in the Midlands who suffered losses due to the recent poor weather will get additional financial support from the Government.

The Government says up to £250,000 will be made available for farmers across the country. The money will cover those who suffered losses like animal deaths due to starvation or hypothermia after it snowed.

Wheat crop is struggling to grow because of high water levels

Wheat crop struggling to grow Credit: ITV Central

The wheat crop at Temple farm has been hit by this year's poor weather.

The rain has affected the quality and amount of the yield which will result in a lower price for many arable farmers like Brian Sutton.

Harvesting has been made difficult by high water levels Credit: ITV Central

Farmer, Brian Sutton, harvesting wheat at his farm in Leicestershire.

Poor weather this year and high ground water levels have badly affected crop yields and quality.


Summer of heavy rain causes problems for farmers

Water logged fields are difficult to harvest Credit: ITV Central

Harvesting the oilseed rape crop at Temple farm near Twycross in Leicestershire has proved very difficult after a summer of heavy rain.High ground water levels make it difficult for combines & tractors to harvest. In some cases vehicles run the risk of sinking into the soil.

Combines and Tractors struggle with the water levels Credit: ITV Central