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NFU calls for urgent meetings with farming ministers

The UK unions are calling for the four farming ministers to hold a joint meeting with them to find solutions to serious problems.

The NFU are seeking urgent meetings with ministers. Credit: Julian Stratenschulte/DPA/Press Association Images

The dairy, lamb and arable sectors in particular are seeing serious challenges and are now finding it increasingly difficult to operate with a profit due to supermarkets constantly reducing the prices of their products on the shelf.

Since January 2015, 236 farmers have left the dairy sector and the trend look set to continue.

The NFU has also estimated that only around 10 per cent of dairy farmers are on contracts that track farmers’ cost of production, meaning most dairy farmers are selling milk below the cost of production.

"UK farmers do have the potential to play an enormous part in the economic recovery of the UK and, at the same time, to provide much more of the food the country needs. Therefore we call on the UK farming ministers to meet jointly with us as soon as possible to identify what they can do to alleviate the very serious problems facing our industry and help the UK farmers reach their very real potential.”

– UK farming unions

Video shows live cows being taken into Asda store

This video shows the moment protesting dairy farmers took two cows into a supermarket in Stafford.

The farmers are campaigning against retailers who they say aren't paying them a fair amount for the milk they produce.

Around a dozen police were called to remove the protesters this lunchtime.

Video credit: Rod Kirkpatrick/F Stop Press


Milk protesters take cows INTO Stafford supermarket

Dairy farmers protesting over the price they're paid for their milk have taken cows into a supermarket in Stafford.

The National Farmers Union say the supermarkets don't have a sustainable model for what they charge the consumer for the milk, or what the farmers actually get back.

A number of police were called to the ASDA superstore in Stafford, but the protesters have now left.

Busiest time for region's Brussels sprout farmers

George Read says he's expecting to sell two thousand tonnes of them this week alone Credit: ITV News Central

Sprout farmers in Lincolnshire have been enjoying what they say is their busiest week of the year.

75 arctic lorry loads of vegetables will be leaving George Read's site Credit: ITV News Central

Farmer George Read says he's expecting to sell two thousand tonnes of them this week alone - fourteen times the usual volume.

Our busiest day we've probably got 75 arctic lorry loads of vegetables leaving our site, so just a huge week for us and a huge demand for vegetables and sprouts in particular.

– Farmer George Read
Sprout farmers in Lincolnshire have been enjoying what they say is their busiest week of the year. Credit: ITV News Central


Modern technology keeps potatoes on our plates in peak condition

Our staple food for thousands of years, but now modern technology is keeping the potatoes on our plates in peak condition.

There is a long term downward trend in potato sales - now we can choose from pasta, rice, even quinoa - and then there are concerns about carbs - so farmers in the Midlands are turning to tech when the chips are down. Hannah Stokes explains.

Out-take! Cow spooks reporter during piece to camera

During filming at the farming show at the NEC in Birmingham today - ITV News Central reporter Rajiv Popat got slightly spooked by one of the show's participants!

During his piece to camera next to a paddock full of cows, one crept up behind him and gave him quite a shock - watch the video above for his BLEEPING reaction!

  1. Rajiv Popat

Robotic milking machines & the farming revolution

Farmers are embracing the latest technologies to make their farms more efficient and productive, and that means using everything from robotic milking machines, to drones to monitor livestock.

They say the industry is becoming increasingly competitive and moving with the times is the key to boosting profits. Rajiv Popat reports from the NEC in Birmingham.

Floods cost Worcestershire farmer more than £61k

Stephen Watkins' farm was badly affected by the flooding Credit: ITV News Central

A farmer in Worcestershire says he is more than £61,000 out of pocket because of this year's floods.

Stephen Watkins, who has a farm in Severn Stoke, has cleared three of his fields, but still has 53 more to go.

Stephen Watkins' farm looked like this a month ago Credit: ITV News Central

Later today, the Farming Minister, George Eustice MP, will appear before a select committee to answer questions about the recent floods.

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