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Residents evacuated due to fire in Nottingham

Local residents in the Woodlinkin area of Nottingham have been evacuated from their homes due to a fire.

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Services were called to a fire at a garage on Nottingham Road early this morning.

Nottingham Road was closed off but has now been reopened.

Most of the property was saved but the situation was made more dangerous by the presence of Acetylene, Argon and Oxygen cylinders.

Residents are expected to return to their homes shortly.

10 fire engines called to Digbeth fire

10 fire engines and the ambulance service were called to the fire Credit: Scott Hawkins ?@wmasshawkins

40 firefighters and 10 fire engines were called to a severe fire on the High Street in Deritend earlier this morning.

On their twitter account the fire service said two people jumped from the upper floor to escape the fire. They were treated for minor injuries and smoke inhalation. 11 other people were also evacuated.

The fire service say the fire is now being damped down and that it involved multiple properties including a three-story Victorian building.

The road has been closed and the electricity supply isolated to buildings from Heath Mill Lane to Adderley Street.

Two jailed for killing woman in Birmingham house fire

Two women have been sentenced to a total of 24 years in jail for killing a woman after setting fire to a house in Birmingham.

Nussrat Khatoon from Kings Heath was sentenced to 14 years in prison after setting fire to her former husband's home and killing a woman staying there.

Nussrat Khatoon and Tina Andrews set fire to the house Credit: ITV News Central

Tina Andrews from Small Heath was sentenced to 10 years.

Burnt out window Credit: ITV News Central

Khatoon and her husband divorced four weeks into their marriage and she began a campaign of harassment against him.


Fire service say Bulwell fire was 'accidental'

The fire service believe a fire started at Bulwell in Nottingham this morning was accidental.

Around 30 fire fighters were called to a paint and pallet factory which was on fire. A 200 metre cordon was set up around the factory because a cylinder was inside the building. It has now been reopened although three fire engines are still there.

Exclusion zone still in place around Nottingham fire

An exclusion zone is still in place as a result of the fire at a paint factory in Bulwell, Nottingham.

Exclusion zone is in place Credit: ITV News Central

A man who came to use the nearby Bulwell Riverside leisure centre has parked on a street inside the zone and has been waiting since midday to get to his car.

Exclusion zone is in place Credit: ITV News Central

Residents whose homes are within the zone are also not being allowed in.

Fire has caused a 200metre hazard zone Credit: ITV News Central
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