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Lorry drivers to help emergency crews with first aid

Lorry drivers are being trained in life-saving first aid with help from West Midlands Ambulance Service, as part of a national road safety initiative.

The one-day course covers first aid and scene management, and allows lorry drivers to give vital aid if they come across a road traffic collision.

'We look forward to working in partnership with Driver First Assist (DFA) to ensure the highest standard of first aid training is provided to all who participate.

Sadly, road traffic collisions sometimes result in people suffering life-threatening injuries where every minute counts to their chances of survival'.

'By providing professional drivers, who are often first to witness or come across such incidents, with basic life support training and the knowledge to know what to do will ultimately mean patients get the care they need whilst emergency help is en-route'.

– Dr Anthony Marsh, Association of Ambulance Chief Executives and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of West Midlands Ambulance Service

Students given lessons in saving lives

Students at a college in Derby are being taught to help people with heart problems Credit: ITV Central

Students at the Landau Forte College in Derby are being given first aid training to help people suffering from heart problems.

It is after former student Reece Jeffrey collapsed and died while playing football 18 months ago. It's the second time the East Midlands Ambulance Service have taught pupils at the school


First aid ignorance, full report

A father from Derbyshire who saved his daughter's life is calling on first aid to be made compulsory in schools.

Daniel Ravey sprang into action when 15-month old Lillie choked on her food.

It comes as new figures show as many people die from a lack of first aid in the UK as from cancer.

The report by St John Ambulance also reveals fewer than one in five in the East Midlands know the basic life-saving skills.