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  1. Melissa Wright

Report: Council cracks down on Wolverhampton fly-tipping

There are thousands of incidents of fly-tipping across the West Midlands every year - a major blight on our cities and towns. Now one council is trying to tackle the problem by checking that local businesses aren't cutting corners with waste disposal.

Wolverhampton saw almost 3500 reported cases of fly-tipping in the eight months up to August this year. Our reporter Melissa Wright joined a council team as they took to the streets this morning.


Top tips for spotting fly-tipping rogue traders

Authorities are warning that rogue traders who don't have a licence to take household waste to a recycling centre, are offering people that service.

When they get turned away, councils say they could turn to fly-tipping.

Lincolnshire County Council and Boston Borough Council have given out top tips to spot these potential fly-tippers.

  • Avoid offers of cheap waste disposal as they may intend to fly-tip your waste.
  • If you use tradesman such as builders, plumbers and gardeners, check that they are going to dispose of your waste properly.
  • Ask where the waste will be disposed of. If you are not happy with the answer, use another company.
  • If you have spotted someone fly-tipping, please record as many details as possible and call your local authority.


Fly-tipping costing Derby entertainment centre money

The boss of an entertainment centre in Derby has told ITV News Central that fly-tipping is costing his business hundreds of pounds. Rubbish dumped there on Monday has still not been removed by the city council.

It comes in the same week rubbish dumped outside a primary school in the city was described as a hazard to children. The city council says the issue is a high priority. Michael Sibert reports.

Fly-tippers dump nappies, baths and loos in Derby

Nappies, mattresses, and even bathroom furniture are among just some of the items dumped in one area of Derby over the past few months.

And now, a group of residents from Normanton have got so annoyed at the level of fly-tipping in their area, they have launched a new action group to tackle the problem.

Karen Williams, from the Normanton Empowerment Team, told ITV News Central that they are concerned about the health hazard posed by the waste.

People invited to name and shame fly-tippers on the web

The council deals with over 300 cases of illegal dumping every year

Residents in Stafford are being encouraged by the council to 'name and shame' fly-tippers on the web looking at photos of illegal dumping on the council's website.

The 'Grimewatch' online campaign has been successful since its launch with Stafford Borough Council receiving information on fly-tipping from residents.

The new photos which show the offending fly-tipping can be viewed here.

The council deals with over 300 cases of illegal dumping every year, costing the tax payer around £20,000

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