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Fraudulent mail costs public £10billion per year!

A woman from Derbyshire has set up a charity after her mother was fleeced out of £50,000 by con-artists.

She says the victims of the scam-mail shots are being ripped off by up to £10bn-per-year - three times the previous estimate!

The Royal Mail is now training postmen and women to spot potentially fraudulent mail-shots.

Jon Hill reports.


Man given suspended jail sentence for selling fake contracts

A man who sold fraudulent contracts to elderly customers has been given a suspended jail sentence at Leicester Crown Court.

Christopher James Donne, 57, from Northampton, was found to be in possession of around 2,500 files containing personal and financial information.

Donne and his associates would pretend to be associates of a company to secure contracts for thousands of pounds worth of work, which was often never carried out.

Donne was sentenced to 12 months in jail, suspended for 12 months after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud, and was ordered to carry out 180 hours of unpaid work.

Caught red-handed: How million-pound fraudster was stopped

A Royal Mail worker from Handsworth, who has been jailed for seven years after conspiring to commit fraud amounting to £1.2million, was caught following a joint investigation by West Midlands Police, Royal Mail and the banks who fell victim.

The defendant, Paul Akuda, was caught stealing chequebooks from Royal Mail's central sorting depot, in Birmingham, where he worked... Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Seven years into Paul Akuda's employment at the company's central sorting depot in Birmingham, in November 2010, the Royal Mail Investigations Department noted a spike in the loss or theft of mail at the site and immediately launched an internal investigation.

Subsequently, Mr Akuda was identified as a result of surveillance, seen taking post from an area of the depot, putting the stolen items into a carrier bag and leaving the depot.

Mr Akuda is found to have stolen up to five-hundred chequebooks in fraud amounting to £1.2million... Credit: PA

After being notified, Police then recovered thirty-eight stolen chequebooks following a search of his property in Handsworth, Birmingham, along with four from his bag and two more from his work locker.

The chequebooks were stolen over a seven month period - between October 2010 and May 2011 - and used in fraud amounting to losses of over £1million to a number of banks.

Fraudster "key" to criminal enterprise

A man charged with conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation and jailed for seven years, has been described as "key" to a criminal enterprise resulting in losses of over £1million to a number of banks.

Following an investigation by Royal Mail and West Midlands Police, Paul Akuda was observed carrying out the theft of chequebooks from Royal Mail's central sorting depot in Birmingham and was subsequently arrested and charged for his part in the crime.

Kerry Moreton, Senior Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said Mr Akuda from Handsworth, abused his position of trust within the Royal Mail:

Mr Akuda began a campaign of dishonesty against his employers which resulted in innocent members of the public having their chequebooks stolen and money taken out of their bank accounts...

Over a seven month period, Akuda stole cheque books from the sorting depot where he worked and then sold these books on to third parties who would then use them in fraudulent transactions...

Although his illegal activities resulted in losses of over a £1million to a number banks, there was no evidence to suggest that Akuda was more deeply involved in the frauds than acting as the original thief and supplier of the chequebooks, but his actions were key to the whole enterprise and without which the rest of the fraud could not have taken place.

Postal worker jailed for £1.2million fraud

A postal worker from Handsworth, in Birmingham, has been jailed for seven years after he was found guilty of conspiring to commit fraud amounting to losses of £1.2million.

The theft of hundreds of cheque books took place at a sorting office in Birmingham... Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

64-year-old Paul Akuda worked at the Royal Mail's central sorting depot at Mail Centre, St Stephens Street in Birmingham, from November 2003 until his suspension on 26 May 2011.

An investigation found that over five-hundred chequebooks were stolen from the depot between October 2010 and May 2011 alone, most of which Mr Akuda is deemed responsible for.

Although he received little financial benefit from the crime hiimself, his actions resulted in losses of over a £1million to a number banks, according to the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service.


Solihull fraudster's £675,000 hoard to be auctioned

Property with an estimated worth of £675,000 is being auctioned by police this week after it was seized from a conman in Solihull.

Some of the good found Credit: West Midlands Police

Tommy Scragg avoided paying more than £26m in tax. He was jailed in March 2011 for 17 years - one of the longest sentences ever for fraud.

Property developer gets 10 more years' in prison

A Birmingham man has been sentenced today at Westminster Magistrates’ Court to ten years’ imprisonment for failure to pay a confiscation order.

Saghir Afzal was originally sentenced in June 2011 to 13 years’ imprisonment for a £49million mortgage fraud.

The offences, committed between 1 April 2004 and 15 January 2006, involved two counts of conspiracy to obtain money transfers by deception and four counts of obtaining a money transfer by deception.

In August of that same year he was ordered to pay £29,276,565 confiscation within six months or incur a default sentence of ten years’ imprisonment.

The default sentence imposed today will be served after the original sentence unless the confiscation order plus accrued interest is paid in full.

Actions of dentist in £1.4m fraud 'cannot be remedied'

A rogue dentist who fleeced the NHS of almost £1.4million "brought the profession into disrepute", the General Dental Council has ruled.

In making the decision to strike off Joyce Trail, the council's Professional Conduct Committee said her actions could never be put right.

The gravity of Ms Trail’s convictions offended fundamental standards of behaviour expected of a member of the dental profession.

Her convictions go to her character and her actions are incapable of remedy.

She has brought the profession into disrepute and remains subject to the lengthy custodial sentences imposed upon her by the court.

– General Dental Council's Professional Conduct Committee

Unless she appeals the decision, Trail's name will be struck off the register in 33 days’ time.

How Birmingham dentist fleeced NHS of £1.4m

Scam artist Joyce Trail is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence after being found guilty of fraud - and she has now been struck off the register by the General Dental Council.

The GDC's Professional Conduct Committee heard that between April 2006 and March 2009, she submitted a staggering 7,141 fraudulent claims for payment to the NHS.

These included:

  • Pain treatment for patients she had not treated
  • Fitting dentures to people who did not need them
  • Fitting dentures to people who were not entitled to have their treatment paid for by the NHS
  • Provision of dentures to people who, it turned out, were dead

In total, £1,376,423 was paid to Trail that she was not entitled to.

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