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Thousands die in Midlands due to cold weather

More than 4000 people in the Midlands died last winter due to the cold weather Credit: PA

More than 4000 people in the Midlands died last winter because of the cold weather, and more than a million families in the region were living in fuel poverty.

That's according to the charity National Energy Action.

They're calling on the Government to fund insulation for the poorest households and say pensioners could be worst affected.

Families having to choose between heating and food

"It's a very serious thing, you think well actually can we really afford to have the heating on all day long, no we can't, so you have to be selective about when you have it on , and sometimes it's well actually you need to feed the children so put an extra jumper on and manage.

It's kind of like that it's really difficult, and you think it's a bit strange in a society like ours you shouldn't be having to think actually basics like heating and food we've got to make a choice between them when we're both working in a western society"

Hannah Girling