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Family 'feel let down' as autistic boy has funding cut because he turned six

Dad Kevin with Daniel Harrison Credit: ITV Central

Daniel Harrison has made remarkable improvements in recent months. As a baby he suffered from an acid reflex which gave him a phobia of putting things in his mouth, a problem made harder to treat by his autism.

Daniel was able to eat for the first time this year Credit: ITV Central

But this year he stopped being fed through a tube into his stomach and started eating for the first time. Now his dad Kevin is worried about his future progress. A cut in his funding for speech and language therepy was triggered by his 6th birthday.

Daniel Harrison suffered an acid flux when he was a baby, he has developed a phobia and refused to put food in his mouth Credit: ITV Central

We last saw Daniel in July this year just before he went to Austria for specialist treatment. The family had to raise £25,000 because the treatment is not avaible in the UK. Now the family feel they've been let down again.

This will be the first Chirstmas where Daniel can try a bit of chirstmas dinner and while improvments like that are remarkable - progress could be slower in the future.


Boy with autism has funding stopped because he turned six

Nottinghamshire Primary Care Trust says they have limited funding available Credit: ITV Central

An boy with autism from Nottinghamshire has had his speech and language therapy stopped, because he's too old. Six-year old Daniel Harrison is struggling at school without the therapy.

Nottinghamshire Primary Care Trust says they have limited funding available. His father is calling for a judicial review.