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New app could change future of shopping

When you are out and about shopping, you may not think of using your mobile phone to pay for things. But an app that was designed here in the Midlands, is proving a hit on the high street.

Today one of the app's developers has flown out to what is known as the heartland of pioneering technology - Silicon Valley in America - to try to get more investment. As Charlotte Grant reports, it will have all begun in Birmingham.

Birmingham businesses sign up to new payment app

More than 50 businesses in Birmingham have signed up to a new app, which allows people to pay for items via their mobile phone.

The creators of Droplet, the contact-less payment system, are hoping to secure millions of pounds of funding in the US so the app can be launched nationwide.

Customers upload a certain amount of money to Droplet, they then send a specified amount to vendors who have signed up to this.

The benefit to businesses is they don't have to pay bank fees for the payments.

Peter Gough runs Urban Coffee.