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Gedling offers radiators to 'Keep Warm this Winter'

Following on from the launch of the 'Stay Warm and Healthy in Derby' project, where Derby City Council are working in unison with AgeUK and the NHS, Gedling Borough Council in Nottingham has come forward with a similar scheme of its own.

Gedling Borough Council is offering radiators to those most at risk this winter... Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Archive/Press Association Images

A free oil-filled radiator service is being offered there to people most in need.

Part of Nottingham City Council's 'Keep Warm this Winter' campaign, the scheme aims to help elderly people, along with the disabled, those with long-term health issues and low-income families.

Gedling couple discover ‘cousin of false widow spider’

An elderly couple from Nottinghamshire are recovering at home after being bitten by what experts are calling ‘a cousin’ of Britain’s most venomous spider, the false widow.

The spider is being analysed at Nottingham Trent University Credit: ITV News Central

Eddie and Bernice Kozlowski, who lived in Australia for 18 years, managed to catch the spider in their Gedling home on Sunday before it was sent to Nottingham Trent University to be analysed by experts today.

Eddie and Bernice Kozlowski captured the spider Credit: ITV News Central

The couple have both suffered bites in the last three weeks, with Mr Kozlowski being bitten on his right arm. The two now have swelling and soreness and Mr Kozlowski says the pain after the bite was so severe he was unable to sleep.

The arachnid, believed to be a relative of the false widow (also known as steatoda bipunctata), is usually found in outbuildings but was captured by the pair down the side of their stairs.

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