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Leicester first to perform pioneering heart operation

Experts from Glenfield Hospital have repaired a dysfunctional heart valve by inserting a tiny implant measuring just 23mm in size.

The pioneering system gives surgeons improved control of the valve throughout the keyhole procedure. It has never been done in the UK before.

It is great to be part of the first team in the UK to successfully use the Lotus Valve System™. This is further recognition of the work done by the pioneering cardiac team at Glenfield Hospital.

Multiple specialities, including the cardiology team, cardiac surgeons, radiology, nurses and anaesthetic support, worked closely together to successfully carry out this procedure.

– Dr Jan Kovac, consultant cardiologist at Leicester’s Hospitals

Leicestershire hospital's singing doctor is YouTube hit

A singing doctor from a Leicestershire hospital has become an internet hit for his educational music video about asthma.

Dr Tapas Mukherjee, from Glenfield Hospital has more than 24,000 hits on YouTube for his video 'Breakfast at Glenfield'.

With lyrics fitted to Deep Blue Something's Breakfast at Tiffany's, Dr Mukherjee sings about the guidelines medics should follow when treating asthma patients.


CQC issues warnings after high number of suicides

The Care Quality Commission has issued Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust with warnings, after figures revealed a high number of suicides at a Mental Health Unit.

A Freedom of Information request found that ten people have committed suicide at the Bradgate Unit in the Glenfield Hospital since 2010.

The NHS Trust Board say they have made a number of recent improvements.

The Bradgate Unit in the Glenfield Hospital Credit: ITV News Central

Fresh hope for campaigners wanting to save children's heart unit

There is fresh hope tonight for campaigners opposed to the planned closure of the children's heart surgery unit at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester.

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has ordered a rethink after independent experts ruled that the original review process was "flawed".

It's a decision welcomed by families and their supporters. Our political correspondent Alison Mackenzie reports.


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Heart unit campaigner: 'They're finally listening to us'

Save Our Surgery activist and former patient Joe Barry, 16, said he was glad about the decision to suspend the closure of his local heart unit at Leeds General Infirmary.

"If I was born and this unit wasn't here I wouldn't have survived [the journey] to Newcastle," he said.

Former patient and now Save Our Surgery campaigner Joe Barry, aged 16, at Leeds General Infirmary Credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire

"It saved my life and I can't let this happen to anyone else.

"The news today, it's great. All the things that we've put forward to have a look at, it's all happening. After three years of fighting they're finally listening to us."

Lisa Rushworth and son Jack Credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire

Lisa Rushworth, whose son Jack was treated at Leeds, said she hoped the hospital would now have a chance to make its case based "on more statistics and actual facts".

Jack, 11, said: "They've looked after me really well."

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Campaigners 'vindicated' by child heart unit decision

Members of the Save Our Surgery campaign group have welcomed the decision not to close a childrens' heart unit in Leeds.

Spokeswoman Sharon Cheng said that the Health Secretary's comments earlier today "completely vindicated" the stand taken by the group:

We are pleased and relieved that the Health Secretary has decided that a new review is necessary before NHS England can decide where children’s heart surgery services should reside in England and Wales.

His comments about the Safe & Sustainable process and outcome completely vindicate the action that we took to challenge this, and demonstrate that exposing the flaws in the review was the right and necessary thing to do ...

The trauma experienced by patients and families across our Region throughout the Safe & Sustainable process, as acknowledged by the Health Secretary, must never be repeated.

– Sharon Cheng, Save Our Surgery

Minister: 'I'm not sure that this is a matter of celebration'

Health Minister Anna Soubry MP is not sure that the suspension of the review into Glenfield Hospital's children's heart unit is "a matter of celebration". She said that this came about because "people raised concerns of varying levels" about the "flawed" process.

She did not promise that Glenfield would retain it's children's heart surgery. But she said she hoped that whatever decision was made it was done in "the best possible way", with the "best evidence" and with "transparency".

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Heart hospitals buy time as Hunt suspends review

Campaigners demanding that their local children's heart surgery hospitals in England remain open won a partial victory today as the Health Secretary suspended a controversial review.

Jeremy Hunt admitted the initial decision to close units in Leeds, London and Leicester was based on faulty data.

But he said the review would be revisited and that some services would still have to shut.

ITV News reporter Martha Fairlie explains more:

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