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NHS 'faces exodus' if ministers try to force new contract

Doctors have warned that attempts to force a new contract on junior doctors could seriously damage relations and cause an "exodus" of trained medical staff.

The government has hinted that it could abandon talks aimed at a agreed settlement if junior doctors do not drop calls for extra pay for all work on Saturdays.

Dr Johann Malawana of the British Medical Association told ITV News Health Correspondent Rachel Younger that ministers were trying to " play politics" over the standoff.

And Dr Usman Ahmed, a trauma and orthopedic registrar from the West Midlands warned that any attempt to force a new deal on doctors without their consent could prompt a huge outflow of trained staff.

He said: "If you want to see an exodus of doctors from the NHS who would like to have some semblance of a quality of life that they can spend with their family, their friends, and look after their own health, then by all means continue pushing at this issue as they are at the moment."

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