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ITV's political show in the Midlands - Central Lobby: November edition

How do we tackle the congestion and air pollution problems in Midlands towns and cities? A new study shows in Birmingham only 3% of people cycle to work - the lowest out of the seven cities in the study but why?

Also as prominent East Midlands Tory MPs challenge the government over Brexit - we debate is a cut off date for leaving the EU really a good idea.



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Poll finds Conservative supporters want May to resign

The Conservative Home poll result found nearly 60% want Mrs May to go. Credit: PA

A majority (59.48%) of Tory members now believe Mrs May should resign, according to a snap survey by the Conservative Home website yesterday.

It found that just 36.66% of the 1,503 respondents believe she should stay on.

The survey had not been carried out as a weighted sample as people self-selected to vote in it.

Editor Paul Goodman said the results were "astonishing" and "the most damning finding that in one of our polls that I can remember".

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May to remain as PM with Tories supported by DUP

Theresa May speaks outside Number 10 Credit: ITV News

Theresa May will remain as Prime Minister and the Conservatives will be supported by the DUP in parliament.

Speaking after meeting the Queen at Buckingham Palace, she said she intends to form a government that will provide "certainty" and guide the country through Brexit talks.

She said she was confident that the Tories would be able to work together with the Democratic Unionist Party in the "interests of the whole UK".

Mrs May added that she will work for a "Brexit deal that works for everyone in this country".

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