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Gordon Brown: Today is a 'great day' for Malala

UN Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown said today is a "great day" for Malala Yousafzai.

Mr Brown said in a statement:

This is a great day for Malala, for her family - and for the cause of education worldwide.

By her courage, Malala shows that nothing - not even bullets, intimidation or death threats - can stand in the way of the right of every girl to an education.

I wish Malala and her family well as her courageous recovery continues.


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Brown: 'Good news' Malala discharged from hospital

Gordon and Sarah Brown have tweeted their support for Malala Yousufzai as she is released from hospital:

Gordon Brown: 'Breakthrough moment for Pakistan' in education rights

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who is in Pakistan today, met two of Malala's friends who were injured in the attack and said there was now a real momentum for change in the country.

I believe that in Pakistan, the silent majority is speaking and that there is now a national consensus that the country can delay no longer in ensuring girls and boys have schools to go to and teachers to teach them.

This has been a breakthrough moment for Pakistan and now we must turn Pakistan's new ambitions and popular determination into delivery on the ground.

– Gordon Brown MP