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Full report on Hearing Dogs by John Willats

There are around 45 thousand deaf children in the UK.

Traditionally, specially trained dogs to offer help have only been available to adults.

But research has found hearing dogs can also have a big impact on the lives of deaf children.

One of those who is already benefitting is 11 year old James Cheung from Derbyshire.

His story is now at the centre of a national campaign to help train more dogs.


Mum on Hearing Dog benefits

The mum of a Derbyshire boy is promoting Deaf Awareness Week says taking part in a pioneering project which placing hearing dogs with deaf children has been really positive.

James Cheung's dog, Kurt, is one of only 12 placements of its kind in the country.

James' mum says: "He's made more friends through having the dog.

Some people are hesitant about approaching deaf people, even more so with deaf children because of the fear that they might not be understood.

"But the dog gives them a way in. They can talk about the dog, so it's brought a lot of positive things for James and broken down a lot of barriers."

A boy and his dog - James and Kurt promote campaign

James Cheung from Derbyshire is part of a pioneering project placing hearing dogs with deaf children. His is one of only 12 placements of its kind in the country.

James explains how Kurt helps him in everyday life.

James say, "He pulls the duvet to wake me. He's my best friend.

"If the smoke alarm goes off he lets me know and I give him a treat."

James and Kurt are promoting the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People charity, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

It takes around £45,000 to train and place a hearing dog.