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HS2 could bring 'poorer train service' for many

The chairman of 51m - an alliance of 18 local authorities opposed to HS2 - has warned that the project will not universally benefit train services:

Many towns and cities will be shocked to discover that they will actually receive a poorer train service if HS2 is built.

Stations such as Toton Sidings and Meadowhall are far from city centres.

West Coast Main Line and Midland Main Line services to many existing stations are certain to be reduced.

– Martin Tett, Leader of Buckinghamshire County Council

He added that the line would "blight the lives, property and businesses of tens of thousands of people".


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Network Rail: HS2 a 'game-changer' for rail travel

Unprecedented growth in the last ten years has seen passenger journeys grow by 50 per cent to almost 1.5bn a year and that number is set to continue to grow. More people use the railways today than at any time since the Second World War, on a network half the size it was then ...

This is a rare chance to stop playing catch-up on capacity.

– David Higgins, chief executive, network rail

He added that Network Rail was already planning to ensure that HS2 would integrate with the existing network with as little disruption as possible.

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Conservative MPs react to HS2 extension

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Osborne: Economic case for HS2 'pretty compelling'

Chancellor George Osborne said HS2 will be an "engine for growth" in the North and Midlands, and will create tens of thousands of jobs.

He acknowledged that communities along its route would face a "very difficult" disruption to their lives, but said the economic benefits were "pretty compelling". He told BBC Breakfast:

I think it is the engine for growth in the North and the Midlands of this country. I think it is going to create tens of thousands of jobs in Manchester and across our great cities.

In the end, as a country, you have got to make those long-term choices. If our predecessors hadn't decided to build the railways in the Victorian times or the motorways in the middle part of the 20th century, then we wouldn't have those things today.

– Chancellor George Osborne


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CBI: Extending HS2 to the North is the 'big prize'

The head of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has welcomed the announcement of the second phase of the HS2 rail network linking Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham:

We cannot sit on our hands when the West Coast Main Line is set to reach full capacity by the 2020s and freight will be squeezed.

Extending HS2 to the North is the project’s big prize. It will boost the economic potential of some of our biggest cities, driving growth and creating jobs across the country. This is the same bold, long-term thinking that helped the Victorians build our original network.

– John Cridland, CBI Director-General
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Heathrow HS2 extension subject to airports review

The Government has announced that plans to extend the High Speed 2 rail network to Heathrow airport are "subject to the findings of the Airports Commission report".

Sir Howard Davies' review of future airport capacity is not due to give a final report until the summer of 2015.

The Department for Transport announced this morning that "HS2 will connect to Heathrow Airport from the first day that Phase One opens via a fast 11-minute Crossrail link at the new Old Oak Common station."

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Construction of HS2 extension could start by 2025

The second phase of the HS2 high speed rail network is still subject to a consultation, but this is what the government is proposing so far:

  • Consultation to start this year
  • Final route chosen by end of 2014
  • Leeds to London journey time reduced from 1h28m to 41 minutes
  • Manchester to London journey time reduced from 1h58m to 58 minutes
  • Building could begin around 2025 with the line opening by 2033
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Labour: Government is 'not moving fast enough' on rail

Transport Secretary Maria Eagle spoke to ITV Daybreak about the next phase of the HS2 High Speed Rail route, which has just been unveiled.

HS2 was initially introduced by Labour, and Maria Eagle promised that if they were voted in next time, Labour would continue with these plans.

She added that the current Government however, was not moving fast enough: "So far all we've seen from this Government is a botched consultation on the first part to Birmingham, which they may have to re-run."

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