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UK's youngest dog to undergo a hip replacement is looking for a new home

Stanley, now 10-months-old under went a complete hip operation at just 5 and a half months old Credit: ITV Central

Stanley the 10-month-old cocker spaniel puppy is the youngest known dog to undergo a full hip replacement in the UK.

Vet Stephanie Tickale, based in Birmingham, found when he was aged just 5 and a half months old that he was suffering from a rare condition which meant his hip joints were slowly disintegrating, leaving him unable to walk and in a tremendous amount of pain.

Vet Stephanie Tickale found after x-raying Stanley he had a rare condition which meant his hip joints disintegrated Credit: ITV Central

Stanley underwent the successful operation and now is free from pain and not on any medication.

The puppy is also looking for a new home as his previous owners had to give him up due to a change in circumstances.

Ray Dedicoat from Hollytrees Animal Rescue Trust where Stanley is living described him as "the funniest dog we have had in, in a long time" he added that Stanley has an unusual habit of trying to sit on people's shoulders.

Stanley has now fully recovered and is looking for a new home Credit: ITV Central

Anyone who wishes to offer Stanley a home should contact Hollytrees Animal Rescue Trust.

Puppy is Britain's youngest to undergo hip operation

At just fine and a half months old, Stanley a cocker spaniel from Birmingham is the youngest puppy to undergo a full hip replacement.

When his owners noticed he was limping they took him to Maypole Veterinary Clinic where vet Stephanie Tickale advised he had an x-ray.

The vet discovered Stanley had Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. A rare degenerative disorder which causes hip joints to disintegrate.

Usually a hip replacement would not be carried out until a puppy is fully grown but as vet Stephanie Tickale explains, Stanley was in too much pain to wait.