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Expert describes her miracle medieval music find

A priceless piece of parchment dating back to the 14th century has been found during a major clear-up of a council archive.

The sheet of medieval music was found by archivists in Hereford as the county's record office prepares to move to a new building.

Eleona Harris is the shocked member of staff who found the document.

Here she explains to ITV News Central reporter Chris Halpin how she thinks it came to be hidden in the archives, and her theories on where it originally came from.


Senior archivist explains importance of medieval music

Rhys Griffith is a senior archivist at Hereford County Record Office, where a rare piece of medieval music has been found during a clear up of the archives.

The find came as a complete shock to staff as it was being used as a protective covering for other later documents.

Mr Griffith says it's a priceless piece of evidence giving a glimpse of Hereford's medieval history.

Priceless medieval music found in council clear-up

It's thought the religious sheet music could date back to the 15th Century Credit: ITV News Central/Chris Halpin

An extremely rare medieval parchment has been uncovered by staff at Herefordshire County Council during a clean up of the local authority's archive.

The sheet of music could date back to the 1400s and staff at the archive had no idea it was there.

The music would have been sung in lent as a Gregorian chant by monks Credit: ITV News Central/Chris Halpin

Music like it was destroyed by Henry VIII when he dissolved the Catholic church but this somehow survived and was hidden in the archive as it had not been catalogued as anything of worth.

Leicester church and surrounding area closed off

St Mary de Castro church in Leicester has closed its doors and the surrounding area is to be closed off to pedestrians today for up to six months over fears for the safety of the spire.

St Mary De Castro is an iconic part of Leicester's Old Town, and we will work closely with the church to ensure that these important repairs are completed as quickly as possible. Unfortunately the nature of the work does mean that the pedestrian walkway of Castle View, along the church itself, will be closed to visitors for a time. It is vital that the church carries out this work to ensure that this beautiful historic building is made safe so that generations of future visitors can continue to enjoy it.

– Sir Peter Soulsby, City Mayor of Leicester

Leicester church closed and surrounding area to be roped off over spire fears

St Mary de Castro church, Leicester Credit: ITV News Central

The area around St Mary de Castro church in Leicester is to be cordoned off today to pedestrians for up to six months after safety inspections found the church spire to be "in a dangerous state and at risk of collapse".

The church has been running a "Save Our Spire" campaign for the last year.

The poet Geoffrey Chaucer, who wrote the Canterbury Tales, is thought to have been married here.

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