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Birmingham City owner trial postponed

Carson Yeung leaving court in Hong Kong this morning Credit: PA Pictures

A Hong Kong judge has granted Birmingham City owner Carson Yeung's request to postpone his trial on money laundering charges. It was due to start today.

Yeung's newly appointed lawyer, Jospeh Tsa, asked that the trial be adjourned until April 29th next year on the grounds that more time was needed to prepare their case.

District Court Judge Douglas Yau granted the request earlier this morning.

Yeung is facing five counts of money laundering, involving more than 720 million Hong Kong dollars ($92million) and depositing money into bank accounts from January 2001 to December 2007.

The football club owner was arrested and charged in June 2011.


Birmingham in takeover talks with mystery Hong Kong party

Birmingham City are at an advanced stage in discussions with a mystery Hong Kong party interested in a takeover of the npower Championship club.

The board of Birmingham International Holdings Limited (BIHL), City's parent company, today told the Stock Exchange they are in talks with two parties from Hong Kong and one from the UK - believed to be Gianni Paladini's Italian-backed consortium.

"A balance will be struck between what is the most beneficial for the shareholders and what is the most appropriate for the development of BCFC as the board acknowledges that football is a business where, inter alia, the aspirations of the fans need to be considered."

– Statement from BIHL