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Film to be made about Midlands soldier kept in German PoW camp

When private Horace Greasley from Leicestershire was captured in World war Two, little did he know that seventy years later his story would be immortalised forever.

Forced to surrender at Dunkirk, Horace spent five years in German prisoner of war camps.

But while incarcerated he fell in love with a German girl, even secretly breaking out of camp to see her. Horace died two years ago but now his tale of love and daring is being made into a hollywood film.

The PoW from Leicestershire who risked everything for love to be made into Hollywood film

Horace Greasley (front row 2nd from right) with his colleagues at a Poland POW camp Credit: Family photo

The story of a prisoner-of-war from Leicestershire who risked his life for his Germany sweetheart is being made into a Hollywood film.

During his time in a PoW camp Horace worked in a quarry where he met a woman called Rosa, she was the quarry director's daughter.

Horace used to risk being shot by the Nazis every night by braking out of prison to see his sweetheart Credit: Family photo

Rosa was part Jewish and so was forced to hide her true identity.

Horace & Rosa began a relationship, but in order to see each other Horace had to break out of his cell each night and risk being shot by the Nazis.