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Birmingham City Hospital remains closed to visitors

Norovirus Credit: ITV Central News

Birmingham City Hospital remains closed to visitors today after an outbreak of the winter vomiting bug, norovirus. Four wards are closed, one is due to open on Monday and visitors should be allowed from the end of next week.

There are some exceptions to the no visitor rule, including the maternity ward.

Follow this link to the ITV News page for advice if you feel unwell.

Birmingham hospital ward closed due to norovirus

Birmingham City Hospital has closed three wards in a bid to stem the growing number of people infected with the winter vomiting bug.

The wards have been closed due to the norovirus infection.

Recent figures from the Health Protection Agency show that more than three quarters of a million people could be affected by the norovirus outbreak.

Symptoms to watch out for are sickness and diarrhoea.

Prince Charles "boosts morale" at Birmingham hospital

Prince Charles has been in the region to visit military patients at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

Staff and patients gathered to catch a glimpse of the Prince before he went to the military ward to carry out private visits.

He comes every year just before Christmas, bringing presents for servicemen and women injured in Afghanistan. Hospital staff say his visits help to boost morale.


In pictures: Prince Charles at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Prince Charles is at the queen Elizabeth hospital to visit injured servicemen and women. He has brought presents for soldiers.

The Prince last visited the hospital on 22 June this year Credit: ITV Central

The Prince of Wales is a regular visitor to the hospital which treats injured service personnel.

The Prince of Wales meeting hospital staff Credit: ITV Central

HRH visits the hospital twice a year, usually in the summer and at Christmas. Staff say his visits help boost morale for men and women returning from Afghanistan with injuries.

Prince Charles speaking to the British forces foundation Credit: ITV Central

Operations cancelled after rat found in operating theatre

Around 40 operations have been cancelled after a rat was spotted in a Nottinghamshire hospital's operating theatre.

All operations were suspended for one day after the rat made its way into the theatre last Monday 29th October.

A King's Mill Hospital spokesperson said there is no cause for concern for patients as this was "a one off incident" and assures them that the area has since been fully sterilised.

Pest control was called in after the rodent was found in the decommissioned operating theatre.

"We are proud of our services and the extremely high quality of care we offer to our patients, so we were extremely shocked to learn that there was evidence of a rodent having entered a decommissioned operating theatre during the night, at a time when the department was not in use.

"I would like to reassure any concerned patient or relative that this was a minor, one-off incident that occurred over a week ago. We took immediate and comprehensive action to rectify matters and to restore services with the minimum of disruption. We are fully operational again. There is no cause for concern."

– Karen Tomlinson, director of operations at the hospital

The hospital has apologised for each of the 40 patients affected who have had their operations rescheduled.

Patients with chronic conditions could be paying more for parking

Patients with chronic conditions could be paying more for parking after a Midlands hospital lifted a £150,00 cap on charges for frequent visitors.

Patients and campaigners say it's unacceptable that the most vulnerable are being targeted once again but hospital bosses have defended their decision blaming the tough financial climate.

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