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Full report: Two convicted of manslaughter following explosion at a kebab shop

Two people have been convicted of manslaughter following an explosion at a kebab shop in Leicester which killed a man last year.

Fiaz Ansari, who died in the blast, caused the fire himself in an attempt to claim a quarter of a million pounds from his insurance company. Shahbaz Khan, from London and Mehwish Yasin, from Birmingham, assisted him in the plot.


A kebab shop owner was found to have debts of thousands of pounds, months before his shop exploded

Leicester Crown Court heard how Fiaz Ahmed Ansari, the father of a 15 year old girl and a 9 year old boy, died in an explosion at a takeaway he worked in, had told his wife the business would have to close just a few months before the blast. He had debts running into thousands of pounds.

The jury was told that witnesses, who were close to the scene, thought a bomb had exploded and felt lucky to be alive. A man and a woman have appeared in court charged with manslaughter and arson.