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Homes devastated by flood "I saw the water start to trickle through tiles then under my door"

One resident in the village of Kempsey, Worcestershire tells of the moment she woke to see flood water approaching the house.

Jenny Robinson tried to move as many of her possessions before the flood water reached the house and enter through tiles and under the doors.

The village has been devastated by flood water as a new flood defence system failed to work during the night as one pump shut down.

Homes ruined as flood water levels rise

A road completely submerged near Kenilworth Castle Credit: ITV Central
This home in Kempsey, Worcestershire was flooded within less than 30 minutes Credit: ITV Central
The family had to be rescued by the fire service as flood water entered their house around 4.00am today Credit: ITV Central
The Spiers family say they have lost many of their belongings in the flooding Credit: ITV Central


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