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Breast cancer charity urges women to make regular checks

Following news that a dog helped its owner to detect an aggressive tumor in her breast, a breast cancer charity says its important for women to check themselves regularly.

Sharon Rawlinson from Newark says she only visited the the doctor because her King Charles spaniel had been nuzzling the area where the tumour was growing.

This is an incredible story. We occasionally hear of other breast cancer patients having had a similar experience but this is extremely rare. As Sharon says, the most important thing is for anyone experiencing an unusual change to see a doctor as soon as possible. Knowing what is normal for you and checking your breasts on a regular basis is the most important way any woman can help protect herself.

– Breast Cancer Care Spokesperson


Owner: The dog I should never have had has saved my life

Sharon Rawlinson says that her beloved Cavalier King Charles' spaniel Penny was the dog she should never have had. Her husband Brian originally said she couldn't have another dog, but then bought Penny as a Christmas surprise.

Sharon says that dogs are often described as man's best friend but in this case, after sniffing out her cancer, Penny is definitely a girl's best friend instead.