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When Richard III's remains will be reburied set to be revealed

We'll find out later when Richard III's remains will be reburied at Leicester Cathedral. Credit: PA Wire

We'll find out later when Richard III's remains will be reburied at Leicester Cathedral.

Work's starting there ahead of the reinterment almost two years after the bones were found underneath a council car park in the city.


Richard III: reinterment work to begin at Leicester Cathedral

The reinterment of Richard III's bones is expected to take place in Spring 2015 Credit: PA Wire

Work will start today at Leicester Cathedral ahead of the planned reinterment of King Richard III's remains.

The king was found beneath a car park in Leicester in 2012.

The date for the reburial is yet to be revealed.

In May relatives of the king lost a High Court battle to have him reburied in York.

New Richard III sculpture unveiled at Leicester Cathedral

The Bishop of Leicester has described a new sculpture which was unveiled at the opening of Leicester Cathedral's new gardens.

The Bishop of Leicester, Reverend Tim Stephens, was speaking at the opening of the city's Cathedral gardens Credit: ITV News Central

Reverend Tim Stephens, said:

The sculpture comprises steel plates which take us on a journey through the events of that day when Richard III was killed at the battle of Bosworth... We see the silhouette of the king mounted on a horse, falling from his horse, engaged in battle, finally slain and removed from the battlefield.

The new sculpture is part of a £2.5 million project to transform the city's Cathedral Quarter Credit: ITV News Central

Government urged to meet church leaders ahead of King Richard III reburial

King Richard III will be re-buried at Leicester Cathedral next year. Credit: PA Wire

The MP for York Central has urged the Government to hold a meeting with civic and church leaders from both Leicester and York, to ensure King Richard III's funeral does not exclude those from the North of England.

Hugh Bayley asked the Civil Liberties Minister Simon Hughes to attend a discussion about the King's reburial but he refused saying the matter had already come before the courts.

The King's remains will be re-buried at Leicester Cathedral next year.


Facelift for Richard III statue

The Richard III statue has been restored and polished by a firm in Lincolnshire Credit: ITV News Central

Richard III is back. His statue which was first unveiled in 1980 has been fully restored and moved to a new home.

Richard III statue returns to Leicester Credit: ITV News Central

It was removed from Castle Gardens in Leicester last month and has been unveiled at Cathedral Gardens.

Spot the difference: Statue before restoration work took place Credit: Leicester City Council

Direct descendent to build King Richard III's coffin

Michael Ibsen, Richard III's 16th generation great nephew who's at today's dig and has given a DNA sample Credit: ITV News Central

King Richard III's coffin will be made by Michael Ibsen, the relative of the King whose DNA was used to confirm that it was in fact the Monarch himself.

Michael Ibsen is a known direct descendent of Richard lll’s sister, Anne. He's Canadian but is now living in London, and as a cabinet maker has been charged with making the coffin in which the King will be laid to rest next year.

Mr Ibsen says he is looking forward to the challenge.

“I’m really looking forward to starting the project. It’s seems a very appropriate gift to offer to my royal ancestor.”

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