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King Richard III Visitor Centre in Leicester to open in July

The visitor centre will open on 26 July
The visitor centre will open on 26 July Credit: Leicester City Council

Leicester's £4m visitor centre dedicated to Richard III, whose remains were found in the city, will open to the public on Saturday 26 July.

The new King Richard III Visitor Centre on Peacock Lane will offer access to the King's original burial site. It will tell the story of his death and his discovery 500 years later.

More than 100,000 people are expected through its doors in its first year of operation, bringing an estimated £4.5 million to the local economy.

Tickets have already gone on sale.

The High Court ruled last month that the King's remains, found in 2012, will be reburied in the city.


Shakespeare's Richard III was 'complete fabrication'

Paul Daneman asShakespeare's Richard III
Paul Daneman played Shakespeare's Richard III in a 1960 BBC adaption. Credit: PA

Enthusiasts of Richard III have said a study examining his spine has shown the Shakespearean description of him as a "bunch-backed toad" is a "complete fabrication".

Scientists from the University of Leicester's School of Archaelogy and Ancient History produced a 3D reconstruction of the king's spine after his skeleton was found beneath a Leicester car park.

Dr Phil Stone, chairman of the Richard III Society, said it is "yet more proof that, while the plays are splendid dramas, they are also most certainly fiction not fact."


Study shows Richard III not 'hunchback toad' as thought

The remains of the last Plantagenet King were found under a Leicester car park Credit: University of Leicester

A study has shown King Richard III was not the "hunchback toad" described by Shakespeare, and was hardly affected by his spinal deformity.

Scientists who scanned his spine found that it had a "well balanced curve", that could have been concealed by clothes or armour.

Hunchback depictions have been seen on stage and on screen, but his head would not have been straight and not to one side, and no evidence of a limp was found. These findings are also supported by accounts written when Richard III was alive.

Dr Phil Stone, chairman of the Richard III Society, said:

Examination of Richard III's remains shows that he had scoliosis, thus confirming that the Shakespearean description of a 'hunch-backed toad' is a complete fabrication - yet more proof that, while the plays are splendid dramas, they are also most certainly fiction not fact.

History tells us that Richard III was a great warrior. Clearly, he was little inconvenienced by his spinal problem and accounts of his appearance, written when he was alive, tell that he was 'of person and bodily shape comely enough'.

Richard III statue moved for restoration

The statue is being moved to be restored Credit: Leicester City Council

A statue to Richard III, which was first unveiled by Princess Alice in 1980, is being moved to be restored 34 years later.

It will be lifted by crane onto a lorry and taken from Castle Gardens in Leicester to Lincoln. The restoration process is expected to take around 3 to 4 weeks.

Makers of Richard III film hope Cannes premiere will encourage film-makers to Leicester

Finding Richard is having its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival Credit: PA

The makers of a short film, set in Leicester, are hoping its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival this weekend will encourage more film-makers to work in Leicestershire.

Finding Richard tells the story of a young boy and his granddad, who embark on an adventure after hearing about the discovery of Richard III's remains in the city.


Crown made for Richard III reburial

The crown Credit: John Ashdown-Hill

A new crown has been made for the reburial of Richard III. The 15th century style crown has taken 15 months to build and is plated with gold and set with garnets, sapphires and pearls.

It has been designed based on the head measurements taken from the king's remains which were discovered in Leicester city centre under a car park two years ago.

Leicester Cathedral prepares for King Richard III reburial

Leicester Cathedral is preparing to rebury Richard III Credit: PA

Leicester Cathedral says it is 'delighted' to announce that its proposals to redesign the inside of the building have been approved.

It says the proposals will mean the cathedral can adapt to take into account changes that will allow for the reinterment of King Richard lll. They also include improvements to the layout of the building for worship and for two new stained glass windows.

The battle over where the remains of King Richard III should be laid to rest ended last month. Judges have postponed their final decision until they have considered the evidence further.

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