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The scene outside Leicester Cathedral as guests arrive

Two thousand people are making their way into Leicester Cathedral for the reinterment service of King Richard III.

Those who haven't been lucky enough to get a ticket for the service, which were allocated through an online ballot, will be able to watch from screens outside.

It's also being broadcast live on Channel 4. The king's coffin will move through the Cathedral for the different stages of the religious ceremony, before being placed inside a specially design tomb.

Archbishop describes RIchard reburial as 'surreal'

Speaking ahead of the reinterment service of King Richard III at Leicester Cathedral, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has been speaking to our reporter Rajiv Popat.

Archbishop Welby described the reburial of the king, who died nearly 530 years ago at the Battle of Bosworth, as a 'surreal, different occasion'. The service is due to start at 11:30am, and is being officiated by the Archbishop. Hollywood actor, and distant relative of the medieval monarch Benedict Cumberbatch, will also read a poem during the two hour long service.


Archbishop of Canterbury arrives at Leicester Cathedral

Archibishop of Canterbury Justin Welby arriving at Leicester Cathedral in the last 30 mins Credit: ITV News Central

The Archbishop of Canterbury has arrived at Leicester Cathedral for the reburial of King Richard III.

Archbishop Welby will lead the reinterment service which starts this morning at 11:30am.

Archbishop Welby arriving ahead of the service which starts at 11:30am Credit: ITV News Central

The service be conducted in the presence of Royal Family members; the Bishop of Leicester, the Most Revd Tim Stevens, and other senior clergy; descendants of Richard III; and civic leaders.

Richard III, the last Plantagenet king of England, died aged 32 in 1485 during the Battle of Bosworth.

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Thousands gather for reburial of King Richard III

Thousands of people have lined the streets of Leicester to pay their respects at a ceremony marking the reburial of the last Plantagenet king, Richard III.

Thousands of people have lined the streets for the occasion Credit: ITV News

As bells rang to mark the event, special guests and those who won a ticket through a ballot started filing in to Leicester Cathedral, where the ceremony will be held.

The coffin bearing the former monarch's remains, which were discovered under a council car park in 2012, will be lowered into a tomb of Swaledale stone following the service.

The ceremony is being held at Leicester Cathedral Credit: ITV News

King Richard III to be reburied at Leicester Cathedral

King Richard III's coffin inside Leicester Cathedral where he will be reburied Credit: PA

Five days of ceremony for the reburial of King Richard III reaches its climax today when the coffin containing his mortal remains are lowered into a tomb of Swaledale stone at Leicester Cathedral.

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch, a distant relative of the last Plantagenet king, will add Hollywood glitz to the occasion by reading a specially written poem at the service presided by the Archbishop of Canterbury and witnessed by the Countess of Wessex.


Leicester prepares for reinterment of King Richard III

All eyes will be on Leicester tomorrow for the reinterment of King Richard the third, more than 500 years after he was killed at the Battle of Bosworth.

Thousands have turned out to see King Richard III's coffin Credit: ITV News

Members of the current Royal Family will join hundreds of people for a service to finally rebury the medieval monarch with dignity and honour.

And amid all the pomp and pagentry, there will also be a touch of Hollywood.

Rajiv Popat reports:

Richard III: cathedral open for visitors to see the king

The cathedral will close at 12.20pm for rehearsals to take place Credit: ITV News Central

Leicester Cathedral has opened to allow people to see Richard III, who is lying in repose.

It says the cathedral will close at 12.20pm in order to prepare for the reinterment ceremony on Thursday.

It will re-open on Friday at 3pm.

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