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Properties evacuated due to 'unsafe' 40ft conifer tree

The tree was in an 'unsafe condition', according to the fire service Credit: WMFS Highgate

Four properties in Ithon Grove in Kings Norton have been evacuated because of an 'unsafe' tree.

A tree officer deemed it necessary for the 40ft conifer tree to be immediately removed. It appears the roots have lifted because of the recent bad weather.

An exclusion zone is now in place.

Bumpy ride for Timothy West at re-opening of lock

by Keith Wilkinson

An historic canal lock, the Guillotine Lock on the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal near Kings Norton, has been restored after years of decay and vandalism. It's so important it has been listed as a "scheduled monument".

The renovated structure was unveiled by the actor and canal enthusiast Timothy West.

But the boat the actor was on, the West Midlands' historic working boat Scorpio, bumped into the lock, to the amusement of all the passengers on board.

Our transport correspondent Keith Wilkinson reports.



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