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Showers banned after hospital Legionella bacteria alert

The Legionella bacteria has been found on two wards at Leicester General Hospital Credit: PA

Showers have been banned and bottled drinking water provided on two wards at the Leicester General Hospital, after a potentially lethal bug was found in the water supply.

Legionella bacteria on a petri dish of charcoal Credit: PA

The hospital says that routine testing of the water supply has shown that higher than normal levels of Legionella bacteria were present on wards 28 and 29, triggering its safety plan.

The potentially lethal bug can cause a form of pneumonia called Legionnaires.


Legionella School has reopened

A Peterborough primary school which closed after legionella was found in its water system has reopened this morning.

Newark Hill Primary school closed at the beginning of September when the disease was found.

Pupils had their school work e-mailed to them in an attempt to minimise disruption to their education.

Tests have revealed that the school is now all clear.

The head teacher thanked pupils and parents for their patients.

Peterborough school to re-open following legionella scare

Newark Hill Primary School is due to re-open tomorrow Credit: ITV Central

A primary school in Peterborough has been given the all-clear to re-open tomorrow.

The Newark Hill Primary School was closed last week after a deadly bacteria was found in the water system.

The school has been given the all-clear Credit: ITV Central

Workers carried out chlorination of the system at Newark Hill Primary School to get rid of the legionella bacteria, which can cause Legionnaires' disease.

Pupils were set homework via email, while staff worked in available office space around the city.