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Showers banned after hospital Legionella bacteria alert

The Legionella bacteria has been found on two wards at Leicester General Hospital Credit: PA

Showers have been banned and bottled drinking water provided on two wards at the Leicester General Hospital, after a potentially lethal bug was found in the water supply.

Legionella bacteria on a petri dish of charcoal Credit: PA

The hospital says that routine testing of the water supply has shown that higher than normal levels of Legionella bacteria were present on wards 28 and 29, triggering its safety plan.

The potentially lethal bug can cause a form of pneumonia called Legionnaires.

Nottingham Hospitals to offer transplants to matched patients

Mr Andrew Furlong, Deputy Medical Director for Leicester’s Hospitals, assures patients that they will have the opportunity to have their kidney transplants without delay if they are found a match.

Leicester patients who have a potential matched kidney which comes up on the register during the period of the pause will be offered the opportunity to have their surgery at Nottingham University Hospitals, thus ensuring that whilst our patients will certainly be inconvenienced, they will not lose out on the chance of life changing surgery.

Review 'found no evidence' of harm to kidney patients

Leicester General Hospital have said that an external review of their Kidney transplant service found 'no evidence' patients were harmed by the service.

This comes after an independent review team carried out a review after a higher number of kidneys than expected were rejected for transplantation.

The review team met with key members of the the renal transplant service and reviewed documents.

Concerns were however expressed about policies, processes and guidelines within the unit.

Mr Andrew Furlong, Deputy Medical Director for Leicester’s Hospitals said:

This is incredibly disappointing for everyone involved, and we are committed to making sure that we make necessary changes as soon as possible so that we can continue with the kidney transplantation programme. I want to stress that this is purely a precautionary measure.

Leicester General Hospital sends transplant patients home

Leicester General Hospital suspends kidney transplants Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Kidney transplants at Leicester General Hospital have been put on hold after a number of operations which were cancelled led to a review of the service.

Experts were called in after a worryingly high number of organs were declined by the hospital as it was not thought they would result in successful transplants.

The review was carried out last week by experts chosen by the NHS Blood and Transplant service.

Patients preparing for surgery were sent home following the review and will remain on hold for at least two weeks.

A daily helpline is open for affected transplant patients between 10am and 4pm on 0116 258 4116.


Full report on the newborn baby helped into the world by Leicestershire Police

A couple from Leicestershire have told Central Tonight about the dramatic arrival of their baby girl, after they were rushed to hospital in a police car.

Adam and Sophia Clay feared their baby would be born on the back seats of their car after they got lost on the way to hospital.

Thankfully emergency services of a very different kind were on hand to bring their daughter into the world. Rajiv Popat reports