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Water supply back as clean-up from burst pipe begins

Some homes and businesses were flooded in Leicester this morning after a 20 inch water pipe burst, causing gallons of water to spill out onto the road and nearby properties.

Severn Trent Water have spent the day dealing with a burst water mains pipe Credit: ITV News Central

Almost 15,000 homes were without water this morning while Severn Trent Water fixed the problem.

One business in particular has been left with a lot to clean up. Mark Gough reports.

Water supplies turned back on in Leicester after pipe burst

Water supplies are expected to be working again in Leicester, following a burst 20 inch mains water pipe.

However, the water may be slightly discoloured and work is still being carried out on fixing the pipe and getting King Richards Road fully opened. Severn Trent Water tweeted:


Water supply in Leicester 'back on by lunchtime'

The burst water main has caused flooding in Leicester Credit: ITV News Central

Residents in Leicester affected by a burst water main should have their supply back on by lunchtime, ITV News has been told.

The basement of a furniture shop has been flooded Credit: ITV News Central

Engineers were called in the early hours of the morning after problems were reported with the 20 inch pipe under the junction of King Richards Road and Tudor Road.

The road remains closed as engineers fix the burst water main Credit: ITV News Central

Severn Trent Water told ITV News the basement of a furniture shop has been flooded.

It's understood about 14,000 homes are supplied by the pipe but it is unclear how many had lost supplies.

Severn Trent Water hopes to have supplies back on my lunchtime Credit: ITV News Central

Teams 'doing everything they can' to fix burst water main

Severn Trent Water is on site at a burst water main in Leicester and said its teams are doing "everything they can" to get the water supply back on for affected customers in the city.

The burst water pipe on King Richards Road (A47) is causing water supplies to be off or at low pressures for some Severn Trent Water customers.

The burst water main is on the junction of Tudor Road, King Richards Road and St Augustine Road Credit: Google maps

We’ve been made aware of a burst water pipe on King Richards Road (A47) near to Leicester town centre which may be causing water supplies to be off or at low pressure for some of our customers.

Our teams are on site now and will do everything they can to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

It's a really big pipe that's burst and so there is a lot of water that's escaped, flooding the road. This has meant that we've had to close the road and a diversion is in place. We understand that this is a very busy road and this will cause some traffic disruption and we can only apologise for this.

We know how difficult it is to have no water, especially at this time of the day, and we’re very sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing. We're moving water around our network of pipes now to bring water back into the area, so customers should start to see their water supply returning through the morning.

– Severn Trent Water

Sandbags being delivered to affected Leicester residents

A delivery of sandbags to assist homeowners affected by a burst water main in Leicester is on its way, Leicestershire Police have said.

Severn Trent Water is on site and dealing with the issue.

Burst water main causing supply issues in Leicester

A burst water main is being investigated as the possible cause of supply issues in Leicester.

Severn Trent Water said it has been made aware of a possible burst water main on St. Augustine Road at the junction of Tudor Road, which may be causing water supplies to be off or at low pressure for some in the area.

Customers have been warned that their water may be discoloured or aerated when their water supply is restored. But supplier said it has "no reason to believe" drinking the water poses any health risk.


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