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How Leicester City captured the world's imagination

Leicester City's amazing season has created huge interest around the world, with hundreds of journalists and camera crews descending on the city from across the globe.

Our Correspondent Andy Bevan has been taking a look - and speaking to fans in far-flung places who've watched with pride, as their club became an internet sensation.


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Leicester mayor welcomes spotlight on 'proud city'

Leicester mayor Peter Soulsby said people would want to know aboput the city 'where this amazing team comes from' Credit: ITV News

Leicester's mayor Sir Peter Soulsby has welcomed his team's Premier League win, saying it will bring renewed interest to what is "probably the most diverse city anywhere in Europe".

"People will want to know about the city where this amazing team comes from," he told ITV News.

"It's an opportunity for us to tell them about our very proud city."


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Leicester primary school pupils celebrate City win

Pupils at Glen Hills primary school have cheered Leicester City's Premier League win from their school playground, chanting and waving the team's distinctive blue scarves.

ITV News correspondent Ben Chapman caught the scene:

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