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Boy with half a heart recovering after operation

A five-year-old boy who used the ice bucket challenge to appeal for a life-saving heart transplant is recovering in hospital after a donor responded to his online message.

Albert Tansey from Burbage in Leicestershire used polystyrene instead of ice because his health was so frail. But his version of the fundraising craze was liked and shared through social media more than three thousand times.

Speaking for the first time since his operation, Albert's parents say his efforts have led to an increase in the numbers of people signing up to become organ donors. Chris Halpin reports.


Skeletons found holding hands for 700 years in lost chapel

Two skeletons have been discovered holding hands for 700 years at a lost chapel in Leicestershire.

The two skeletons have been holding hands for 700 years at the Chapel of St Morrell Credit: University of Leicester

University of Leicester archaeologists have been working on an excavation at the Chapel of St Morrell in Leicestershire, a site of pilgrimage in Hallaton during the 14th Century.

We have seen similar skeletons before from Leicester where a couple has been buried together in a single grave. The main question we find ourselves asking is why were they buried up there? There is a perfectly good church in Hallaton. This leads us to wonder if the chapel could have served as some sort of special place of burial at the time.”

– Vicki Score, ULAS project manager

Honour for Dambuster pilot with fly past in Leicestershire

A Dambuster pilot from Leicestershire is being honoured in his home village today with a flyover from a spitfire and a hurricane.

Flight-Lieutenant Geoffrey Rice Credit: ITV News Central

The aircraft used in the Second World War are part of a ceremony where a green plaque will be unveiled in Burbage to remember Flight-Lieutenant Geoffrey Rice's bravery.

He was shot down during another operation but managed to avoid capture for four months before being imprisoned.

Rugby World Cup trophy at Leicester City stadium

The Rugby World Cup trophy is being displayed at Leicester City's Kingpower Stadium today, which will host some of the matches during next year's competition.

The Rugby World Cup trophy Credit: ITV News Central

It comes as a year from now the Opening Ceremony will get underway at Twickenham.

A year from now the Opening Ceremony will get underway at Twickenham Credit: ITV News Central
Leicester City's Kingpower Stadium will host some of the matches during next year's competition Credit: ITV News Central


Five-year-old recovering after heart transplant

Albert Tansey Credit: Facebook

A five-year-old boy from Leicestershire who took part in a unique ice bucket challenge is recovering in hospital after having a heart transplant.

Albert Tansey, from Burbage, threw bean-bags over himself instead of ice cold water as he could not get cold because he was born with half a heart.

His parents had been hoping for the transplant for several years.

In the video Albert asks people to join the donor register.

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