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Boy 'would probably have survived if better care given'

Little Jack Adcock died hours after being admitted to hospital. Credit: ITV News

A six-year-old boy "probably would have survived" his illness if better care had been given to him by hospital staff, a court heard.

Little Jack Adcock, who had Down's syndrome, was admitted to Leicester Royal Infirmary with a lung infection - which led to sepsis and shock.

But prosecutors claim a "lack of care" from a doctor and two nurses led to his death hours later.

"If the defendants had recognised the severity of Jack's illness and the fact he was in shock, if they had reassessed him and acted on the findings, the risk of death would have been very greatly reduced," said prosecutor Andrew Thomas QC.

Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba and nurses Theresa Taylor and Isabel Amaro deny manslaughter by gross negligence.


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Doctor 'mistakenly told staff not to resuscitate boy'

Leicester Royal Infirmary where Jack passed away four years ago. Credit: PA

A doctor accused of the manslaughter of a six-year-old boy mistakenly told staff not to revive him, a court has heard.

Jack Adcock went into cardiac arrest under Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba's care on February 18, 2011.

She told other doctors he had been marked down as "Do Not Resuscitate" earlier that day and they stopped, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

It was only when the most junior doctor present picked up Jack's notes and could not find a 'DNR' entry that Dr Bawa-Garba realised she had got him mixed up with another patient.

Prosecutor Andrew Thomas QC said it was a "remarkable error" for a doctor to make but added by that point Jack was too ill to be revived.

"But what the incident demonstrates is the astonishing lack of care and attention which Dr Bawa-Garba paid to Jack throughout the the point she did not even recognise who he was," he said.

Dr Bawa-Garba denies all the charges against her as do nurses Theresa Taylor and Isabel Amaro. All three are accused of gross negligence.

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Hospital staff 'failed to spot symptoms for six hours'

Jack Adcock died from a heart attack the same day he was admitted to hospital. Credit: ITV News

A doctor and two nurses failed to recognise a six-year-old boy had sepsis which sent his body into shock before he died, a court heard.

Little Jack Adock was admitted to the Leicester Royal Infirmary on February 18, 2011 suffering from sickness and diarrhoea.

He was given fluids and some tests were ordered but hospital staff failed to act on his "obvious symptoms" for the next six hours, jurors were told.

Later that day, Jack went into cardiac arrest, stopped breathing and died at 9.20pm.

We say the staff failed to give Jack the attention he needed.

They failed to recognise his condition; they took no account of the important fact that he was struggling for oxygen; they did not recognise he was in shock; they failed to monitor his condition and because of that, they delayed the start of effective treatment.

Under their care, Jack's condition needlessly declined to point where...he was effectively beyond the point of no return.

– Prosecutor Andrew Thomas QC

Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba and nurses Theresa Taylor and Isabel Amaro deny manslaughter by gross negligence.


Roads closed in Leicester after serious crash

Leicestershire Police have tweeted to say there are a number of road closures in Leicester after a serious crash.

The force says Beaumont Leys Lane, Leys Croft and Madeline Road are closed, and are advising people to avoid the area.

Leicester's famous Diwali lights start going up

Preparations are underway for this year's Diwali celebrations in Leicester.

The city hosts the biggest festivities outside of India, and thousands attend from across the country.

Diwali preparations in Leicester Credit: @TejinderITV

The lights will be switched on on Belgrave Road and Cossington Street Recreation Ground at 7.30pm on Sunday 1 November.

Diwali preparations in Leicester Credit: @TejinderITV
Diwali preparations in Leicester Credit: @TejinderITV
Diwali preparations in Leicester Credit: @TejinderITV
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