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Local elections 2016: Walsall

Credit: ITV News Central

Walsall is a key battleground in these local elections as no one political party has overall control. So, a small change in the number of seats belonging to any one party - and the overall picture will change.

If Labour make a few gains they could take over from the Conservatives - Tory Mike Bird currently leads the council as the party is backed by the Independents. If the Conservatives make gains, their position will be more secure.

Those contesting their seats include the UKIP leader Liz Hazell and the Lib Dem leader Ian Shires.



Police and Crime Commissioner elections 2016

Elections have taken place today for Police & Crime Commissioners across the Midlands.

Credit: ITV News Central

Elections were held in:

PCCs have a variety of roles, including holding a force's Chief Constable to account, controlling the police budget, and setting out how to fight crime.

In other words - ensure an efficient and effective police force which can cut crime.

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