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Three released on bail in Lincolnshire following straw fire

Three juveniles have been released on bail after being arrested in connection with a blaze in Lincolnshire.

The fire near the scene Credit: Twitter/@LincsRPU

Thousands of tonnes of straw were alight on Sunday evening next to the A15 south of Sleaford.

Crews were called out and police were forced to close some roads in the area.

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Three males arrested on suspicion of arson over Sleaford fire

The fire destroyed 12,000 half-tonne bales of staw Credit: Twin Focus Photography

Three juveniles, all males, have been arrested on suspicion of arson. One boy, who was arrested yesterday, has since been released on police bail while the two other individuals will be spoken to by officers in due course.

Dramatic footage of the fire shows 12,000 bales of fire ablaze.

Local diversions are in place and motorists are asked to avoid the area until the road is re-opened.


Firefighters continue to bring blaze under control

The fire nearby to the scene Credit: Twitter/@LincsRPU

Firefighters are continuing to bring a fire involving thousands of tonnes of straw under control in Lincolnshire.

Crews were called out to land next to the A15 south in Sleaford at around 7pm last night.

Police say roads in the area could stay closed until this evening.

Lincolnshire fire: latest pictures from the scene

More pictures have emerged of a large straw stack fire in Sleaford in Lincolnshire. Fire crews were in attendance just after 6pm. They've warned people to avoid the area and to keep windows and doors closed to avoid smoke entering properties.

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