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Ryan Smith's first steps captured on family video

A teenager who was badly injured in a cycling accident has taken his first steps.

Ryan Smith from Skegness suffered a serious brain injury after the accident in July 2013. He was not wearing a cycling helmet. Since then his family has campaigned to make it compulsory for children to wear them.

This weekend, Ryan took his first steps, without the help of a frame to support him, progress the teenager says he is proud of.



Service is suspended on East Midlands Trains between Skegness and Sleaford due to over running engineering work.

Tickets being accepted on West Coast Rail as far as Grantham services.

Very limited replacement road transport is running between Skegness.

There is no estimate for when a normal service will resume.

Traffic problems caused by fire in Lincolnshire


Three men jailed for rape despite attempt to halt trial

Three men who were found guilty of raping a woman in Lincoln despite a judge trying to stop their trial because he did not think there was enough evidence for a conviction have all been jailed for six years.

The judge tried to stop the trial at Lincoln Crown Court Credit: PA

Pawel Chudzicki, 49, Michael Armitage, 44, and Rafal Segiet, 40, raped a 23-year-old woman at a flat in the city in 2012.

Judge John Pini QC, who jailed the men at Lincoln Crown Court, ordered their trial to be halted halfway through due to lack of evidence but this decision was overturned by the Court of Appeal in an unusual move.

The jury went on to convict the three men earlier this week.

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Appeal launched to fund emergency amputation for labrador Akeira

A Lincolnshire dog charity has launched an emergency appeal to fund surgery for an 18-month-old black Labrador pup.

Akeira is adapting to life with three legs Credit: Jerry Green Dog Rescue

Akeira’s previous owner passed away before she was brought to the charity’s North Lincolnshire centre in Brigg with a severely deformed front leg owing to a car accident a year earlier.

The resulting injury fused part of her bones together causing a painful and debilitating bow in her leg as the remaining bones continued to grow. This resulted in emergency surgery to remove the leg and improve her quality of life.

The bones in Akeira's front paw had fused together Credit: Jerry Green Dog Rescue

Rebecca Issott, Centre Manager at Jerry Green Dog Rescue, explained why amputation was the best option:

Sadly Akeira hasn’t had the best start in life. After being injured in a car accident last year she never fully recovered and developed a very painful bow in her leg which stopped her from running freely and would have needed ongoing medication and surgery.

After seeking expert veterinary advice we felt amputation would be the best option to give her a pain-free quality of life. It has cost our charity £600 to fund the operation and aftercare, so we’re asking for people to help by donating what they can to support Akeira’s care costs.

She has already adapted quickly to a life with three legs and is recovering well with one of our dedicated foster carers. Once fully recovered she’ll be available for adoption and looking for her perfect partner to start her new life.

– Rebecca Issott, Centre Manager at Jerry Green Dog Rescue

Son stole £55,000 from mother with dementia

A man stole £55,000 from his mother's bank accounts over six years Credit: PA

A man has been handed a suspended sentence for stealing tens of thousands of pounds from his own mother, who was suffering from dementia.

Eileen Tozer's son Michael had spent six years withdrawing money from her bank accounts and using it to pay off his debts.

The thefts were investigated in January last year, when relatives of 90-year-old Eileen told police that they were worried that her 62-year-old son was taking money from her accounts.

While Eileen suffered with the late stages of dementia in a care home, police discovered that her son - a plumber from Tattershall Road in Kirkstead, Lincolnshire - had withdrawn about £55,000 in cash over the years.

The defendant made admissions during police interviews and he entered a guilty plea in court.

On Febraury 9, Tozer was handed a two year suspended sentence and a requirement to work 250 hours.

Tozer was sentenced at Lincoln Crown Court Credit: PA

Police say he had been suffering with mental illness and depression for many years, and that he showed great remorse for what he had done. He has agreed to make sure that the money is repaid.

Tozer's mother died just before Christmas, and was never aware of the investigation or of the fact that her son had stolen money from her.

Police are urging any family with relatives that start suffering with this tragic illness to consider seeking joint powers of attorney at an early stage to help protect their money Credit: PA

“This tragic story just shows how responsibility and temptation can end up tearing a family apart.

"Dementia and similar illnesses need families to seek advice about the future and make sure that measures are put in place to safeguard a vulnerable person's financial affairs.

"This has been a deeply emotional time for the whole family and clearly shows the potential dangers and the repercussions for people who are left in positions of trust and choose to cross the line.

"It was only because of the exceptional circumstances of this particular case that the defendant was not sent to prison and this needs to be seen as a warning to other families who find themselves in a similar position.

"Do not avoid the issue - seek advice and use the powers available to protect those vulnerable people in our families."

– A/DI Jim Hodgson, of Lincolnshire Police
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