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  1. Charlotte Grant

An improvement for Labour in Staffordshire but not looking promising

The final results in Staffordshire are not back yet but it is not looking promising in terms of Labour gaining control of the Conservative controlled council.

The Conservatives currently have 29 seats to Labour's 21. To take an overall majority, the Conservatives need to reach 32.

It has been an uplifting picture for Labour so far in Staffordshire, compared to the 2009 results when they were almost completely wiped out. Up until then, Labour had controlled the Council for 28 years.


Conservative Councillor: 'coalition with UKIP would be difficult'

A Conservative leader in Lincolnshire has admitted that a local authority coalition with UKIP would be difficult because he knows very little about its new councillors.

UKIP secured 16 of the 77 seats on Lincolnshire County Council, having previously held none following the 2009 election.

The Tories fell three seats short of retaining overall control of the authority after losing 25 divisions to leave them with 36 of the 77 available.

  1. Gareth Owen

Labour faces looking happier in Nottinghamshire

As well as gaining three seats in the north of the county, Labour has just picked up the marginal seat of Beeston South and Attenborough from the Conservatives. In those seats which Labour held – including their group leader Alan Rhodes – the majority has increased significantly.

A lot will now depend on places like Mansfield, which was dominated by independent candidates last time. If Labour can make gains there, they might yet have a chance of taking overall control.

UKIP's performance has been patchy. Overall they have increased their vote, but support has been evenly spread so they have been unable to pick up seats. It seems they are mainly taking support from the Conservatives with Labour and the Lib Dems largely unaffected.

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