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Friends run Marathon Claire Squires never completed

30 year old hairdresser Claire Squires collapsed at the London Marathon 2012 Credit: PA

Fourteen friends of Claire Squires will run the marathon she never completed today.

It is the anniversary of Claire's death after she collapsed one mile from the finish in last years London Marathon.

Claire, from North Kilworth, near Market Harborough, raised more than £1millon after her death via her just giving page which is being donated to the charity Samaritans.

Scott Munton, Susie Munton, Penny Squires, Chris Bowes, Marcus Keirle Credit: ITV News Central

"We're doing it for Claire"

Scott Munton, Susie Munton, Penny Squires, Chris Bowes, Marcus Keirle Credit: ITV News Central

Friends of Leicestershire marathon runner Claire Squires are preparing to leave Market Harborough for London to run the race she never got to complete.

Claire died a mile from the finish line in last year's London Marathon.

Her sister, Penny, will support fourteen runners who are competing to raise money for Claire's charity Squires Effect.

Claire's just giving page raised more than one million pounds for charity after her death in April 2012.

Friends race in runner's memory

Claire Squires died during the London Marathon last year

The friends of a 30-year-old hairdresser from Leicestershire who died during the London Marathon last year will be running the race in her memory this Sunday.

Claire Squires' Just Giving page raised more than £1million for charity after she collapsed just a mile from the finish line.

Her friends Lucy Marlow and Nicola Short are taking part in the Marathon along with twelve other people.


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Energy drink maker defends banned drug after runner's death

After an energy boosting drink was cited as contributing to the death of marathon runner Claire Squires, the company behind the drink have defended the active ingredient DMAA.

Claire died in April 2012 just a mile from the finishing line of the London marathon.

She had taken a drink containing DMAA with her. DMAA was banned in the UK in August 2012.

USPlabs sympathizes with the family of Ms. Squires for their tragic loss. We continue to stand by the safety of the dietary ingredient 1, 3 DMAA. The ingredient has been the subject of seven clinical trials supporting its safety when used as directed. These studies place 1,3 DMAA among the most studied dietary ingredients on the market.

– Ultra-Premium Supplements statement

Full report: enhancement drugs contributed to Claire Squires's death

A coroner's court has today heard how a performance-enhancing drug did contribute to the death of a woman from Leicestershire, who collapsed close to the finish of the London marathon.

The family of Claire Squires, who was 30, say her loss has created a gaping hole in their lives.

The harmful drug was contained in a supplement called Jack3D which she added to her water bottle. It was legal at the time and widely available. The court heard Claire was completely unaware of its risks

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Family pay tribute to the marathon runner Claire Squires

The family of a Claire Squires, who died from acute heart failure during the London Marathon after taking a performance-enhancing drug, have paid tribute to her.

They spoke after a coroner's inquest ruled that extreme exertion complicated by DMAA - which has been banned in Britain since August 2012 - led to Ms Squires death.

Claire Squire's boyfriend Simon van Herrewege pictured with her sister and partner reads a statement Credit: ITV News

Ms Squires, 30, had aimed to raise £500 for The Samaritans but after her death donations to her JustGiving page totalled more than £1m.

Claire Squire collapsed near the finish of the London Marathon Credit:
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