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Plans unveiled for new motorway service area on M42

300 permanent new jobs could be created if a proposed new motorway service area on the M42 is built, according to the Extra Motorway Service Area Group.

Plans for the £65 million investment near Solihull have been unveiled.

It would be located to the west of the M42 and south of Solihull Road, near to Birmingham Airport.

If planning permission is granted, work could begin in early 2016.


Police urge motorists to avoid M42 near J1 as both directions closed

A viewer picture of the stationary traffic on the M42 Credit: Twitter/@garyptaylor

Police are urging motorists to avoid the M42 near junction 1 where it meets the M5, as both directions are closed.

Traffic is stationary on both sides of the carriageway, back to junction 2 on the southbound side, and on to the M5 in the other direction.

Six vehicles involved in crash on M42

Six vehicles have been involved in a collision on the M42 at around 7am this morning, northbound between junctions 3a and 3.

A spokesman for the West Midlands Ambulance Service said:

“Ambulance crews responded to a road traffic collision involving six vehicles. Three patients were treated from separate vehicles... The man, believed to be in his forties, was treated for a wrist injury...

... A woman in her forties was treated for neck and back pain. She was immobilised with the use of a neck collar and spinal board. Both patients were conveyed to the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch... A third patient was assessed by ambulance crews at the scene before being released.”


Charity 'saddened' by response over social media

Parts of the Midlands' motorway network and a major A-road in Worcestershire were closed for nearly 27 hours this weekend, as a man threatened to harm himself on a bridge over the M42.

Many motorists took to social media to vent their frustrations at the delays.

This has led to criticism from mental health charities, who've called some of the tweets 'inappropriate'.

Helen Wadley, the Chief Executive of the Birmingham branch of mental health charity MIND said:

I'm saddened that people in response to such a distressing incident actually could put that level of anger and frustration.

The man was obviously experiencing a high amount of distress.

She added:

I think sometimes people just don't think about what they say, it's sort of an instant reaction that they are frustrated and then they vent their frustrations out without thinking about it.

Police thank motorists after M42 closure

Police have apologised to motorists and thanked them for their patience after the M42 was closed for nearly 27 hours this weekend.

They have also reassured people that the only way to resolve the situation was through 'careful negotiation and patience'.

We would like to apologise to all motorists and local people who experienced significant disruption as a result of this incident.

We would also like to thank members of the public and the local community for their continued patience, understanding and compassion.

The threat of harm to both the individual concerned and to vehicles driving on the M42 was so significant, there was no alternative but to close the motorway and for it to remain closed until the incident had run its course.

We strive to resolve such matters as quickly as possible, but our number one priority is to put the safety of everyone concerned first and to protect life, even if it does take many hours.

There are many who will be asking why we could not bring this to a conclusion more quickly and they will be wondering what methods we have at our disposal. I would like to reassure them, the only realistic way of resolving this was through a great deal of careful negotiation and patience.

– Chief Superintendent Martin Evans, West Mercia Police

The man who was threatening to harm himself on the A38 bridge over the M42 carriageway was safely detained under the Mental Health Act, and is now in hospital receiving treatment.

M42 open after man detained safely

The M42 is now open after a 26 hour closure.

Police had closed the road due to a man threatening to harm himself on a bridge over the carriageway. The man has been detained safely.

Other roads in the area that had been closed are also now open.

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