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Mansfield bodies: 'disappearance' of an elderly couple 'central' to the inquiry

by Phil Brewster

Detectives say the disappearance of an elderly couple may hold clues to the discovery of human remains found buried in a back garden.

Records show pensioners William and Patricia Wycherley used to live at the house at Forest Town in Mansfield where the remains of two people were unearthed last week.

Neighbours say the couple lived at the house for more than ten years before seeming to vanish. Police believe their disappearance is central to their investigation.

Police remain at Mansfield house where bodies found

Police officers are continuing investigations at a Mansfield home where human remains have been found.

The police van on the corner of Blenheim Close
The police van on the corner of Blenheim Close Credit: ITV News Central

Police were called to the house in Blenheim Close, Forest Town, Mansfield, on Friday after receiving a tip-off about a possible incident in the 1990s.

A couple who previously lived in the house, William and Patricia Wycherley, disappeared at around that time - but neighbours have said they simply thought the pair had emigrated.

Police believe the remains may hold the answer to the mystery of what exactly happened to the elderly couple, but say it could take weeks to formally identify the bodies.

The van remains outside the house in Mansfield today
The van remains outside the house in Mansfield today Credit: ITV News Central

Neighbour thought Mansfield couple had emigrated

A neighbour, who lives near to the house where remains of two bodies have been found buried in the back garden, has said she thought the elderly couple living there in the late 1990s had emigrated.

Today, Police confirmed that the apparent disappearance of Mr and Mrs Wycherley from their house in Blenheim Close, Forest Green, in Mansfield was central to their inquiries into identifying the bodies.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said:

I only saw the man a few times. I never saw the lady or any family.

I have lived here for 18 years. They were living at the house when I moved in. But they never had any visitors. I never saw anyone coming or going.

My friend and I always used to say, 'I wonder what happened to that couple'. They just disappeared. We thought they had emigrated.

Elderly couple's 'disappearance' central to inquiry into human remains discovery

Police confirm the ‘disappearance’ of an elderly couple is central the inquiry into the remains of two human bodies found buried in a back garden last week.

What happened to William and Patricia Wycherley, who lived at the house in Mansfield where the remains were found is a mystery.

Police examining the back garden of the house Credit: ITV News Central

Records show the couple moved into number two, Blenheim Close, Forest Town, in 1987, and seemed to disappear in 1998. There has been no trace of the pair since.

The remains of the bodies were found on Thursday October 9, after Police received information about an incident in the late 90s. Forensic investigation at the house is ongoing.

Police are also speaking with the family of Mr and Mrs Wycherley to try to find out if there is a link to the investigation.

The officer leading the investigation, DCI Rob Griffin, did say however that police could not confirm with 100% certainty who was found buried in the back garden of the property.

Neither William nor Patricia was ever reported missing and we can find no evidence of either of them being alive or dead. The discovery in their former garden last week may be the reason why."

We have yet to formally identify the remains, and so cannot say with 100% certainty who we have found, but it’s not great leap to imagine it might be the Wycherleys."

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