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Campaigners to press council over gypsies in Meriden

Credit: ITV News Central

Campaigners in Warwickshire opposed to a gypsy encampment will push the local council to take action tonight.

Around 50 local residents are expected to attend a meeting in the public gallery at Solihull Council.

They're worried the gypsies won't leave the site in Meriden at the end of March as agreed.

R.A.I.D campaigners (Residents Against Inappropriate Development), want the gypsies to leave the site as planned.

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Gypsies lodge fresh appeal

Gypsies have set up an illegal camp on greenbelt land in Meriden Credit: ITV Central

A group of Gypsies living on an illegal site have lodged an appeal against a High Court Judgment, which ordered them to leave the land in Meriden.

The group lost their High Court battle last month but Solihull Council agreed the Gypsies could stay for another year.

Now the Gypsies are appealing the decision, mainly on Human Rights grounds.

Protesters refuse to leave their camp Credit: ITV Central

The land has been used as a temporary gypsy site for the past two years.

Since then a group of residents have kept a 24 hour vigil outside, to prevent any unlawful building on the greenbelt land.

But the villagers have been told that their protest camp is also illegal and must come down.