Residents protesting over land occupied by travellers in Meriden

Meriden: one year on

Residents in Meriden say the land occupied by travellers until April last year has now improved.

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Firefighters to be at Meriden fire for next three days


Meriden update: @solihullfire, @wardendfire, @sheldonfire still at scene. We're likely to be there for at least 2-3 more days...


... at least 10 stacks of wood chip to be allowed to burn out under supervision, to avoid excessive smoke pollution from wetting them...


... burning stacks described as 'mini volcanoes' by crews on site.

Crews still dealing with Meriden fire

Fire crews are still dealing with a fire at a recycling plant in Meriden in Warwickshire which broke out on Friday night.

The fire at Cornets End Lane, at A&A recycling Ltd, involved around 6000 tonnes of waste wood and chippings.

Two fire engines are still at the plant and water is being delivered as the fire is still not completely out.


Crews still tackling recycling plant fire in Meriden


Fire Control are still receiving calls to the large fire in Meriden. We still have a number of crews in attendance dealing with the incident


Meriden fire, crews still in attendance, smoke will be seen in the area, progress being made, further update mid morning.

Fire crews are damping down a blaze at a recycling plant in Meriden in Warwickshire which broke out on Friday night.

The fire at Cornets End Lane, at A&A recycling Ltd, involves around 6000 tonnes of waste wood and chippings.


Fire at Cornets End Lane, Meriden is at A&A recycling Ltd not LaFarge Tarmac as previously reported. Smoke will be in the area for some time

West Midlands Fire Service originally tweeted that the blaze was at the granite quarry next door to the recycling plant, but last night corrected the earlier error, after quarry operator LaFarge Tarmac issued a statement.

Read: LaFarge Tarmac confirm fire was not at its quarry

LaFarge Tarmac confirm fire was not at its quarry

LaFarge Tarmac has this afternoon confirmed the fire reported to be at its quarry near Meriden in Warwickshire, was in fact at a neighbouring recycling plant.

Earlier today West Midlands Fire Service tweeted its crews had been dealing with a blaze involving a large pile of wood chipping at the quarry itself.

In a statement, a spokeswoman form LaFarge said:

Media coverage today has incorrectly stated that there was a fire overnight in Lafarge Tarmac's Meriden quarry in Warwickshire. The fire was in fact at an adjacent site. Lafarge Tarmac's site is unaffected. We are assisting the fire service who pumped water from our site to tackle the fire.

Fire crews deal with large blaze at granite quarry


Currently dealing with a large fire at LaFarge Meriden involving wood chippings. In excess of 16 fire engines are in attendance

Around 80 firefighters have been dealing with a large blaze at a granite quarry in Meriden.

Sixteen fire engines were sent to bring the flames under control at the site owned by LaFarge Tarmac, which involved wood chippings and waste material.

West Midlands Fire Service Area Commander Simon Shilton has been tweeting pictures throughout the night, including shots of aerial mapping tools crews have to help them tackle large fires of this kind.


Emotions high as Meriden campaign comes to an end

A Meriden resident who helped support a protest camp for 1088 days was brought to tears today as it was dismantled following the eviction of the gypsies who occupied the land.

She told ITV News Central she was 'glad and sad at the same time'.

The Chairman of the protest group, Meriden RAID, said the village will 'remain united and the friendships and bonds will continue'.

Protest camp dismantled following gypsy eviction

A protest camp set up in opposition to gypsies residing in Meriden, Warwickshire, has been dismantled today after the last remaining travellers left the site on Saturday.

The group, Meriden RAID, was made up of local residents who stationed a 24/7 protest camp. Without planning permission, the council deemed both camps illegal.

Chairman of Meriden RAID, David McGrath, said the 'camp may be moved, but the campaign will continue.'

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