Residents mark 700 days of protest

Residents in Warwickshire who have been demonstrating against an illegal gypsy site will today mark 700 days of protest.

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Emotions high as Meriden campaign comes to an end

A Meriden resident who helped support a protest camp for 1088 days was brought to tears today as it was dismantled following the eviction of the gypsies who occupied the land.

She told ITV News Central she was 'glad and sad at the same time'.

The Chairman of the protest group, Meriden RAID, said the village will 'remain united and the friendships and bonds will continue'.

Protest camp dismantled following gypsy eviction

A protest camp set up in opposition to gypsies residing in Meriden, Warwickshire, has been dismantled today after the last remaining travellers left the site on Saturday.

The group, Meriden RAID, was made up of local residents who stationed a 24/7 protest camp. Without planning permission, the council deemed both camps illegal.

Chairman of Meriden RAID, David McGrath, said the 'camp may be moved, but the campaign will continue.'


Gypsies on Meriden site to appear at Court of Appeal to challenge eviction

The gypsy site in Meriden
The gypsy site in Meriden Credit: ITV News Central

Gypsies who want to continue living in Warwickshire are due to appear in front of a Court of Appeal judge later.

They have twenty minutes to challenge their eviction from the Meriden site by the end of the month.

Local residents have protested against the settlement for more than three years.

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