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1,000 days since protesters began gypsy site campaign

Gypsies moved onto the green belt in Meriden in April 2010

It is 1,000 days since protesters against a gypsy site in Warwickshire took up their fight.

Gypsies moved onto the green belt in Meriden in April 2010, prompting people living nearby to set up their own camp in protest. They have until the end of March to leave the site.

Solihull Council to discuss gypsies relocation

Residents have protested against the site in Eaves Green Lane for almost three years Credit: ITV Central

Plans by gypsies in Meriden to move their illegal site to agricultural land next door will be discussed by Solihull Council today.

Residents have protested against the site in Eaves Green Lane for almost three years. The gypsies agreed to leave in March following planning refusals by a Birmingham High Court Judge


Green belt protesters lobby parliament

Forty residents from Meriden in Warwickshire have arrived in Westmister for a meeting with Planning Minister Brandon Lewis. They are calling for councils to be granted greater powers to prevent occupation of greenbelt sites by travellers and developers.

They say the wheels of justice move too slowly in assessing the rights and wrongs of disputes adding to the distress of homeowners. They say the sanctity of precious areas of natural beauty is at risk unless action is taken.

Protesters against illegal gypsy site to lobby ministers

The greenbelt land in Solihull, Meriden Credit: ITV Central

Protesters against an illegal gypsy site in Meriden near Solihull are travelling to Parliament today to lobby ministers to give councils more powers to prevent travellers from developing sites on greenbelt land.

Residents want councils to have powers to remove caravans and restore the land until a planning application is finalised.

Meriden gypsies make new appeal to stay in Meriden

A group of gypsies have submitted an application to Solihull Borough Council for a temporary site at a nearby builders' yard on Eaves Green Lane.

The group illegally built a caravan site on greenbelt land in Warwickshire, back in 2010.

After losing a High Court appeal to stay in April, they have been given 12 months to quit the site.

"We can confirm that we have received a planning application in relation to the yard.

The injunction that is in place for this site does not prevent a planning application from being made and we will need to process it in the normal way.

However, the application does not affect the injunction which still requires the existing site to be vacated by March next year and prohibits the occupation of the yard.

We will continue to monitor the site to ensure that the injunction is being complied with."

– Solihull Borough Council
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