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Residents soured by milkman's whistling and singing

A milkman has been banned from whistling and singing as he delivers pints on his rounds after five residents complained.

Kevin Gifford told the Sun, his dairy bosses have issued him with a formal warning, and said: "A whistling milkman is part of British life but they want to stop it. It’s madness.”

Some residents in Leicester were soured by their milkman's whistling.

Addressing the complaints, the 52-year-old said: “I think they were claiming breaching the peace or something ridiculous. They say I woke them up."

Kelvin Young, general manager of Kirby & West Dairy, confirmed Mr Gifford has been disciplined: "Kevin was asked to reduce the noise. Unfortunately he didn’t heed those warnings and we were left with no choice. I believe we were fair.”.